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Super Movie Monday – Supergirl, Part 2

Concluding our look back at the Salkinds’ final contribution to theatrical super-films, the 1984 spin-off Supergirl. To recap: Kara came to Earth as Supergirl in seach of OH! (the Omegahedron), an otherworldly power source needed for the survival of her … Continue reading

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Out of the Vault – Raika

Got a little tired of the Ultraverse after a month, so I’m going to move around a while. Raika was a ninja manga that published a 20 issue run in 1992. It was published by Sun Comics, and and was … Continue reading

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Noir Tuesday: Death Wave, Part 1

(ETA: It’s live now. Click the pic on the right sidebar or go here) So I’ve been hinting for a while about super-cool secret projects in the works. This is the first one. Death Wave, a noir thriller, is going … Continue reading

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