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Out of the Vault – Chassis

This is one of those books picked up as an experiment. In the mid-90’s, there was a boom in cheesecake books featuring hot babes as main characters, because hot babes on the cover sell books and the best excuse for … Continue reading

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Bonus Chapter Up

Below is the Bonus Chapter (or if you will, the regularly scheduled chapter that got preempted by April Fool’s Day). Be here Friday when we return to the regular schedule, and next Tuesday, the return of Extras. Really.

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Super Movie Monday – Starcrash, Part 2

As we left off last week in recapping Lewis Coates’s (aka Luigi Cozzi’s) 1979 Italian homage to/rip-off of Star Wars, Stella Star (Caroline Munro) was freezing to death on an icy planet while her longtime partner Acton (Marjoe Gortner) lay dead … Continue reading

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Out of the Vault – Secret Origins 10

Okay, as you might have noticed, yesterday was April 1, so yes, The Chosen One was an April Fool’s Day joke, and no, Hero Go Home is not cancelled. I’m going to try to get a bonus chapter up this … Continue reading

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