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Super Movie Monday – The Rocketeer

After seeing Joe Johnston’s Captain America: The First Avenger last week, I decided to revisit The Rocketeer, the film which convinced the producers of Captain America to give Johnston the job. The Rocketeer was a 1991 Disney picture based on … Continue reading

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Out of the Vault – Captain America’s First Appearance,

In early 1941, before the United States had even officially entered the war, the iconic American soldier appeared on the cover of his debut issue socking Hitler in the jaw. This was, of course, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby’s Captain … Continue reading

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Super Movie Monday – The Shadow Strikes, 1937

So it looks as if this will be the last week of Origins, unless I find something extraordinary for next week. I almost didn’t find anything for today, but at the last minute, I grabbed this early Shadow film, since … Continue reading

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Powerful Pages – The Curse of Capistrano, by Johnston McCulley

You probably know this story better under the title The Mark of Zorro. First serialized in five segments in 1919 in All-Story Weekly, The Curse of Capistrano was then adapted into the feature film The Mark of Zorro in 1920 … Continue reading

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