No Chapter Update This Week

My car exploded yesterday (okay, really just had engine trouble, but “exploded” sounds cooler), and that, combined with the large amount of Halloween stuff I’ve committed to both here and at They Stole Frazier’s Brain, has led to me not getting the chapter ready for this week.

I know,  when I started I had a several-week backlog. But the story has adjusted somewhat from the original outline, and as it progresses, it diverges farther from the old drafts, so I can no longer reuse as much material, and have to write more from scratch.  I need to do some reoutlining and get worked ahead a little bit.

So I’m taking a two-week hiatus from posting novel chapters. But don’t worry, those two weeks won’t be empty. On Tuesday, there will be a very special Halloween Extra featuring a Special Guest Artist. And on Friday, in lieu of a new chapter, there will be another Extra-Special Halloween Extra whose nature I cannot divulge.

And after that, there may be even more surprises. I’m noodling the idea of a series of articles about superheroes in media, like the No Ordinary Family article I posted earlier and like the series of posts I’ve done at Frazier’s Brain about the Superman and Batman movies. I haven’t got anything worked out definitively, but more is coming, believe me.

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