Extra #15 – Out of His League Wallpaper

So as I was posting stuff up on the Extras page, I noticed that the bye week and the Halloween Extras screwed up the numbering, so now I’m just maintaining the numbering from the Extras page.

Up this week: a digital painting inspired by “Out of His League,” the short story I adapted for the Halloween Audio Extra. This is sized to serve as a wallpaper for 1024 x 768.

I make no claims for the quality of the painting. It was dashed off rather quickly and at the last minute, and I am far from a professional artist. But I’m trying to create interesting images that enhance the experience, and I’m learning a lot of ways to use software routines written by much more talented people than myself to fake my way into interesting results. I hope I’m achieving some.

Click the image to embiggen.

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