Super Movie Extra – Live-Action Superdickery

So I’ve often pointed you to this site which uses mainly comics covers to show that Superman is a dick. But we have a really good example in live-action in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.

Superman has already gratuitously frightened Lois Lane once by tossing her off the balcony of Clark Kent’s high-rise apartment before revealing himself to be Superman. Now he’s flying her around the  world, and it’s oh, so romantic, until he decides to screw with her.

What the hell is he planning to do? I mean, he wouldn’t really drop her, would he?

Oh yeah.

Wow, sucks for her.

And yeah, he catches her a second later, making it just a cheap callback to the first film, where the same thing basically happened. Except in the first film, he accidentally lost his grip on her hand, whereas in this film, he not only obviously does it on purpose, but laughs about it as she is plunging, terrified, toward her death and soiling her fancy dress.


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