March Madness

A few years ago in March, I tried an experiment on one of my blogs to write an entry every single day for a month. It was difficult, given the length and amount of work required on my usual blog entries and the fact that I was working full-time. But it paid off in a big spike of traffic when one of those posts got some big attention.

I’ve been trying to think of ways to increase readership here, and thought about trying another month-long experiment like that previous time. But I’m not announcing anything like that here. There’s just too much work and not enough time.

But even if March doesn’t come complete with a full 31 posts, it’s still going to be a big month here. The novel wraps up the big second act climax on Friday, and we’ll be wrapping up our epic months-long odyssey through the Superman films (which started over on They Stole Frazier’s Brain in September of last year here). Meanwhile, Out of the Vault will be doing some backtracking from this past Saturday’s Spider-Man post for at least two weeks, maybe more. And in the days between, expect some surprises from the world of books and computer games, and maybe even a basketball-themed post or two to make March Madness complete.

And do please remember, if you like Hero Go Home and want it to continue, that Donate button is always there. I wish I could promise you extra goodies for donating, but I have my hands full trying to keep the regular content flowing. About the only way I could come up with premium content for subscribers would be if I were making enough from the blog to quit my job, which so far is not happening.

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