Down With OPB – Unforgettable

Fellow Codex author Eric James Stone is currently serializing his novel Unforgettable online, adding one chapter a week, like I am (link goes to the first chapter). Unlike me, however, he has the entire thing available as an ebook if you’re not in the mood to wait.

I’ve read the three chapters currently available, and I’m excited to see where it goes. The plot: Nat Morgan has lived his life with an unusual talent… or curse. No one can remember him for more than a minute. If he is out of their sight for more than 60 seconds, they forget everything about him, forget that there even is a him. This makes everything in life harder, but is also an ideal ability for a spy.

If you like science fiction and spy stories, give Unforgettable a try.

ETA: Eric has stopped serializing hte novel for the best possible reasons, e.g. possible representation and interest from Hollywood. And, BTW, he is now a Nebula winner, so that’s cool, too.

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