Digger Finally Breaks Through!

Yes, the Digger short story anthology is finally live on Smashwords, and soon to come on Amazon for the Kindle!

So what can you expect from Digger Breaks Through!?

How about all four published Diggerverse stories collected in one volume? And if that’s not enough, I’ll throw in three more unpublished stories! But what are the stories about, you ask?

Wondering what the deal is with Davey Lopez and that space monkey invasion? It’s in here. Wondering about the mysteriously lame AcroCop Val and Digger keep making fun of? He’s in here, in his own story. Wondering about that mysterious food court incident that Marissa Fleming’s still mad about? It’s in here. Wondering why Digger was late getting to Yodaville? It’s in here, and then some. All for just $2.99!

Seriously, if you’re enjoying Hero Go Home, you’ll enjoy these stories as well. And every copy sold makes it that much more likely that I’ll continue Digger’s adventures sooner rather than later.

And remember, Hero Go Home, the novel, is scheduled to end in about a month, after which the entire story will also be available as an ebook for the same low price (and just to make it interesting, I’ll probably throw in some bonus content as well).

So go to Smashwords here to download your copy now. The .mobi and PDF versions look pretty good, the HTML and Java versions less so.

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