We’re launching into a new phase of Hero Go Home, the website, so you’ll notice some changes taking place. The forum that was only visited by spambots is gone. The pages are being updated. Once the complete novel of Hero Go Home is released as an ebook, I’ll probably shut down most of the chapters.

Meanwhile, we’re launching a new series of posts revisiting the origins of the superhero genre. There are no solid plans for how long it will continue. It will continue as long as I find interesting content for it, and then we’ll return to the usual Super Movie Monday and Out of the Vault.

I’m also investigating the possibility of releasing printed versions of my books. It’s easy enough to do, but I’m determined to make them look as professional as possible, and professional costs money, which I don’t have at the moment. I’d also need to take time away from the site to re-edit and design the books.

And speaking of books, work is still proceeding slowly on prep for the new novel, which now has a working title that I’m keeping under wraps for now. I will probably start writing in earnest after Hero Go Home releases, and hope to finish the first draft in a couple of months. Expect some minor progress reports, but probably not a ton of in-the-weeds behind-the-curtain process of writing posts. I tend to save that agonizing for my personal blog (though I will do it here if I get requests for it–I’m just not sure how many people will actually be interested).

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