It’s Here! Hero Go Home Now Available on Smashwords and Kindle*

Okay, the Kindle version seems to still be churning through the bowels of Amazon, but the Smashwords version is up right now! Featuring cleaned up text and a couple of minor revisions, plus a sneak preview of the new Digger serial launching in October, Hero Go Home, the ebook, is a fantastic value at only $3.99.

If you have been holding off from reading the story one chapter at a time on-line, now is your chance to get the whole thing at once. If you’re still holding out for paper, let me know, and I’ll make it happen. If you do read it and enjoy it, I only ask that you tell at least one friend about it and review it (at the least, toss it a star or two) at the place where you bought it.

You can buy the Smashwords version here.

ETA: The Kindle version can be purchased here.

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