Week 1.1 – The Chase

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Welcome to the very first episode of Run, Digger, Run! I hope you enjoy it!

All things considered, it wasn’t that unusual to see a man in a suit running down the downtown sidewalks at one in the afternoon. That is to say, it wasn’t common, but it was perfectly understandable given the economic uncertainty of the times. Companies were cracking down on long lunches and the like, so a guy who wanted to keep his job could certainly be forgiven for sprinting back to the office after having to wait in an unusually long line at the falafel place or something.

What was unusual was the guy running on the wall behind him. Twenty feet up, feet clinging to the wall as if gravity had been tilted ninety degrees in just that one spot. He was dressed in a blue hooded sweatshirt and khaki pants, with leather boots folded over at the tops. The clothes were stained and wrinkled, as if he spent a lot of time rolling in the dirt. But that wasn’t what most people noticed first about him.

Most people noticed the shiny metal blasters grafted to his forearms and the backs of his hands, with cracked, black rubber conduit to give a little flexibility at the wrist. Stick a sailor cap on him and look at him in silhouette, you might think he was Popeye the Sailor with those bulbous forearms. But seen in the light of early afternoon, no one in the city could fail to recognize him. Actually, since the events of a few months past, no one on Earth could fail to recognize him. He was Digger, and a few months ago, he had saved the world, or so everyone thought.

Up ahead, the guy in the suit cut across the street, darting in front of traffic. Brakes screeched and he was nearly struck by a car, but he hurdled the hood, then vaulted over the car in the oncoming lane that similarly screeched to a halt. As he was about to round a corner onto a pedestrian mall, he spared a look back over his shoulder at his pursuer, saw a blur of blue and tan leaping from the building on the far side of the street to his. He put on the gas, sprinting harder to try to get out of his pursuer’s line of sight. A second was all he would need…

But as he prepared to disappear into the lunchtime crowds on the mall, a shadow passed over him and he heard something thump against the building on his right. He turned his head just slightly, saw the figure in blue and tan dropping toward him. He changed course, headed toward some leaflet-strewn booths protesting things like Japanese whaling and slave labor camps in Mongolia. He pushed past a couple eating ice cream, and a moment later, the hero in blue and tan shoved past them as well.

“Wasn’t that Digger?” asked the man.

“The superhero?” asked the woman.

“Not any more,” the man said. “Didn’t you hear? He just robbed a bank.”

Come back tomorrow for the next exciting episode of Run, Digger Run!

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