Digger Breaks Through! Now Available in Paperback!

I told you it would happen soon, and here it is! If you’ve been reading Run, Digger, Run! and getting the impression that there might be more to the story, well, you’re right. Digger Breaks Through! reprints the original Diggerverse short stories published in Baen’s Universe and Strange Horizons. In addition, you get 2 additional Digger short stories original to this volume (including the first appearance of Twain, though his name is never given in the story), and two bonus stories–one superheroic, the other not.

That’s eight stories in all, all for the low price of $7.95 plus shipping. Even if you’ve read some the stories in their original publications, this volume gives you the chance to have them all in one place, right on your bookshelf! Look for more announcements coming soon!

You can order it through Amazon, or just buy it directly here!

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