Video Vault: An Experiment

There will not be a regular Vault today, because I did this thing.

And yes, there’s a laundry of things wrong with it: bad lighting, bad framing, my own inexperience on camera. And there are a lot of things I could add, if I wanted to take the time, like still frames of the comics in question, and titles, and music.

But I have spent almost my entire life not doing things because I was afraid I wouldn’t be good enough at them. I spent my childhood wanting to be a filmmaker, but rarely ever even picking up a camera, because I didn’t feel I had the right to try unless I could get professional results right out of the gate. That “Kids, we’re trained professionals. Don’t try this at home” thing? That was me with practically everything.

So with this, I’m going to be learning a bit at a time, improving and adding as I go. My goal with this one was seriously just getting on camera for the first time in years, and learning the process for getting the video from the camera to the web. So in that sense, it’s a success.

I was planning to host this on the blog, but decided on Youtube instead, just for the chance of wider exposure. Plus I really like the Annotations feature. Because of the extra effort involved, I won’t be doing this every week, at least not until I’m sure I like the results and have the process running smoothly. So expect the next one in maybe a month.

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