Video Vault #2: Jekyll and Hyde and McCoy and Walker

The second pass at video posting is up.

I only did this one so soon after the last one because I got a subscriber to my channel. I bought a light to try to brighten things up, but I obviously still have work to do there. Likewise, I tried using still frames of scanned comics, which help illustrate what I’m talking about, but the software I’m using (Cyberlink PowerDirector Express, which came free with the camera) doesn’t let me adjust audio levels of individual clips, so the audio is a mess.

But I think it’s better than the last one, and I know what sorts of things I want to do better on the next one. May try switching to a different editing program for better results, but I’ll still have the same old house.

I really need a newer computer, though. Rendering and uploading took literally hours.

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