The Halloween That Didn’t Quite Happen

So my apologies. Every year, no matter what else has gone wrong in my personal life, I have made special efforts to celebrate my favorite holiday here on the blog with extensive Halloween-themed comic and movie features, as well as original fiction and an annual original audio drama. I dropped that ball this year.

I planned some elements of this year’s Halloween farther out than I ever had before, settling on a theme for the audio drama as well as some of the comics I would feature. But it has been a hard year, with a lot of stressful events: job changes and power loss and financial problems. As well, this website as a showcase for my fiction never found its audience the way I hoped it would, a fact compounded by technical problems with the commercial WordPress template I purchased to refurbish the site. The template was just using too much bandwidth, leading to access problems for people trying to visit the site. Meanwhile, I was trying to force myself to put out more work faster than I had before, and the quality was suffering. It all started feeling not only futile, but counterproductive.

But Halloween has always been a special time for me, so I tried to come back. Having gotten out of the rhythm of the site, though, it was hard to get back into the swing. I did feature one comic and two movies, but other movies I was prepping to post didn’t get done, and I ended up taking not one, not two, but three swings at the audio drama script before it became clear that even if I finished the scripts, there would not be enough time to do the production any justice.

So that’s that. Halloween 2013 was a big bust, but on the bright side, I have a hell of a head start on Halloween 2014, at least on the audio drama scripting side.

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