Superhero Workout — Final Report

So I just finished the final workout of the 12-week Superhero Workout 2.0 program by John Romaniello and Matt McGorry. The 12 weeks officially ends tomorrow, but since I’ve abandoned the eating program pretty much entirely for the final phase, I can say with certainty that the program is now over.

The results?

Not dramatic. You could call it a qualified success, in that I stuck with the program for the entire 12 weeks and I did get some positive comments on how I looked. One person I was meeting for the first time complimented my muscle tone, and a couple of people remarked that I was looking better.

However, you could also call it a qualified failure, in that, though I stuck with it and show some small visible improvements as well as some minor gains in strength and endurance, the results are not as dramatic as I’d hoped. At the end of 12 weeks, I weigh almost exactly the same as when I started, with only a minor improvement in my body fat percentage.

And while any improvement is not to scoffed at, the fact remains that for the amount of money I put out for this–not only for the program itself, but for the recommended supplements and additional equipment (two 5o lb. weight plates cost around $100, y’all)–I wanted much more dramatic results than I had achieved in the past designing my own workout. And that didn’t happen, for many reasons that I outlined in previous reports.

The workouts themselves are complicated. The promised video demonstrations of all the moves do not live up to the promise; many, many moves are not included, while some move you never do are (perhaps as a result of the change from 1.0 to 2.0 without the videos being updated at the same time). The nutritional program is only included as supplemental material for an extra charge and is hard to follow. It gives macronutrient gram counts for every meal, which seems simple, but just try to design one meal with, say, 44g protein/26g carb/0 g fat and another meal with 44g protein/26g carb/21g fat. It’s not easy.

So if you have seen the Superhero Workout advertised online somewhere and are thinking about giving it a try, my advice, given with much regret (because I really would like to recommend it), is to save your money.

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