Pardon Our Dust and All That

After Saturday’s Out of the Vault, updates are going to shut down until October 1 to give me time to get worked ahead on content and get switched over to a new theme with new graphics, new logo, new features and a new story.

That’s right, Monday, October 3, will mark the start of a brand new Digger epic, with a twist (you can read a special preview in the ebook of Hero Go Home). The story will run in daily 500 word chapters, Monday through Friday, for what I’m imagining will be a year, based on nothing other than I think a year-long story would be cool. Out of the Vault will still run on Saturdays, and I’m thinking Super Movie Monday will morph into Super Movie Sunday to give you new stuff every single day. Not to mention the new Twitter feed and the Facebook page (Twitter feed is already set up, Facebook is still in the works). Am I freaking crazy?

Yeah, probably. Especially given how little actual work I’ve gotten done on the actual story. I’ve put a lot of work into the graphic look and picking the right theme and this and that, but the story is still mostly a few scattered notes and a plan in my head, the second half of which is “Things get crazy.”

But I apparently need the terror of a deadline to get my ass in gear, so consider it downshifted. ouch

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