Week 1.3 – The Chase

In our last episode, try as he might, Jeff Twain was unable to outrun the wrath of the hero known as Digger. And now…

Twain looked up into Digger’s furious face as the hero drew back his other fist. The metal blaster–called a Driller Beam Generator–attached to Digger’s forearm came to life with a loud snap and a rising whine.  “What the hell did you do to me?” Digger shouted.

Twain was panting too hard to object when he heard the Drillers charging. He was trying to force out the word, “Wait!”  when Digger was hit from the side and slammed against the wall of the building.

Before he could react, Digger was grabbed and flung the other way, past the little vendors’ booths and onto the grassy median which ran the length of the pedestrian mall. He hit and rolled gracefully to his feet, facing back the way he came in a defensive crouch.

Flexo Thompson, the Amazing Rubber Man, stepped in front of Twain and glared at Digger. He wore his trademark costume of red with  squiggly green lines that the toy wizards at Playco/Sunmarc had designed for him. “Give it up, Digger,” Flexo said.

“Give what up?” Digger asked.

“This is serious,” Flexo said. “I think you’re an okay guy, but I’ll have to take you in.”

“Why?” Digger asked.

“Why? Because you robbed a bank, for starters,” Flexo answered.

“No, I didn’t,” Digger said.

“A hundred eyewitnesses and the bank’s security videos say you did.”

“I know it looks bad,” Digger said, “but I’m innocent. I was set up.”

“Was it a shapeshifter?” Flexo asked.


“Alternate universe doppelganger?”


“Mind control?”

“Not exactly.”

“So that was really you robbing the bank,” Flexo said.

“Well, yeah,” Digger admitted. “But I didn’t rob it rob it.”

“Did you threaten them with physical harm and take their money without their permission?”

Digger shrugged. “Technically.”

“What language are you speaking right now?” Flexo asked. “Because in English what you just said means you robbed a bank.”

“I had a good reason,” Digger said.

“They all do,” Flexo replied. “But you still need to come with me and…”

“Will you shut up?” Digger yelled. “I was set up! And that’s the guy who…”

He stopped in mind-point. Twain was nowhere to be seen.

“Damn it!” Digger shouted. “He’s gone!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you find him,” Flexo said. “Guy in a suit, right?”

“Not any more,” Digger muttered.

“What does that mean?” Flexo asked.

“It means you’re an idiot!” Digger yelled and leapt forward. His Drillers snapped to life, whining as their power built.

Flexo threw his arms up in front of his face and turned his head away. The Driller Beam Generators created a kind of focused explosion that blew holes in dirt and rock, creating tunnels that Digger could run through. Flexo hoped that his flexible body would be resilient enough to survive the blast, but even so, it would sting his eyes if he were looking at it.

He braced for the impact.

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