Week 1.5 – The Chase

Previously on Run, Digger, Run!: Jeff Twain has revealed that there is a bomb strapped to his chest, one that will go off and kill him if Digger uses his Driller Beam Generators! And now…

Before Digger could figure out what to do with Twain’s revelation, he saw Flexo crossing toward them once again. Great.

“Thought you were after a guy in a suit,” Flexo said, tensed as if he were barely restraining himself from taking a swing at Digger again.

“I was,” Digger said and turned to Twain. “Show him.”

“Take your hand off, first,” Twain said.

“No way I’m letting you go again now that I’ve finally caught you,” Digger said. “Not until you’ve confessed everything to the police.”

“You really don’t want to be holding onto me when I change,” Twain said. “Trust me.”

Digger didn’t, but there was something in Twain’s voice that led Digger to believe him–a flat confidence that was miles away from someone trying to be convincing. He turned off his clinging power and drew back his hand, ready to spring forward if Twain tried to run again.

Twain shimmered and blurred, and suddenly, he was in the suit once more. His face, when it came into focus again, was flushed and damp, and he was suddenly panting like a racehorse. And he wasn’t faking; Digger could smell the sweat soaking through dark patches in the suit.

“What the…?” Flexo said.

“That’s his power,” Digger said. “What there is of it. He changes clothes, or bodies, or something. ‘Two bodies, one mind,’ isn’t that what you told me before?”

Twain, bent over with his hands on his knees, just nodded.

“Who is this guy?” Flexo asked.

“Small-time crook named Twain,” Digger said. “He’s given me some problems before. He’s the guy who set me up to take the fall from that bank robbery. And now, I’m going to turn him in and track down the guy who did this to me.”

“I’ll call the cops,” Flexo said as he pulled out his phone, “although they’re probably already on the way.”

As he turned away to dial, Digger smiled at Twain. “”Always thought you were smarter than me, huh? Always one step ahead of dumb ol’ Digger. But I’ve got you now, haven’t I? I’m the man, now.”

“I don’t… understand,” Twain said, starting to get his breathing under control. “How did you… find me?”

“Your boss double-crossed you,” Digger said. He smiled. “Looks like you should be more careful in choosing who you work for.”

“So you think… catching me is some sort of proof that you’re smarter than me?” Twain asked and shook his head. “You’ve just traded puppeteers is all.”

“Don’t try to confuse the issue,” Digger said. “You’ve lost, and I’ve won.”

“You haven’t won anything,” Twain said. “The guy who did this to you is still out there, and by catching me, you’ve done exactly what he wants, dumbass.”

“Hey, no need for language,” Flexo said, putting away his phone. “Cops are almost here.”

“Look, you don’t have to do this,” Twain said desperately. “I can help you.”


“The guy who set this up? I can help you get back at him.”

Who is Jeff Twain, and what does he have to do with Digger? Why has Digger been accused of robbing a bank, and more importantly, why does he freely admit to it? Be here next week for the answers (and, of course, lots more questions) in the next exciting chapter of Run, Digger, Run! And in the meantime, come back tomorrow for Out of the Vault, and Sunday for Super Movies as our month-long Halloween extravaganza continues!

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