Week 3.1 – Getting Away With It

Last week: Digger was coerced into robbing a bank by a mysterious Voice who had threatened to kill a hostage if his instructions weren’t followed. Digger called the police on his way to the bank, but they dismissed it as a false alarm. And now…

“It was just a misunderstanding, is all,” Digger said to the voice on the phone. He had to keep the guy talking, get a clue to where the hostage was being held. “I just now tripped the alarm. You should hear the call any second now.”

“You’re cutting this awfully close,” said the Voice.

As Digger was about to answer, the phone rang in the manager’s office. “Just don’t do anything rash, okay?” Digger said. “Trust me, the cops will be here in just a few minutes to arrest me, just like you wanted.”

The manager’s phone rang again. “I don’t want you arrested,” said the Voice. “As soon as I hear the call, I’ll send you a new map to show you where to bring the money.”

“And where would that be?” Digger asked. “How much time will I have to get there?”

“You’ll find that out when and if I decide not to kill this hostage,” said the Voice, then added something that sounded like, “don’t get cute” through the continued ringing of the phone.

“Hang on,” Digger said and turned toward the knot of people in the corner. “Could somebody get that?”

An older woman who looked like the senior manager stood up, but Digger shook his head. “She’s closer,” he said, pointing at Judith. “Would you mind?”

“Okay,” Judith said and headed toward a glassed-in office.

“Sorry,” Digger said into his phone. “I thought you wanted me to get arrested. You told me to make sure I tripped the alarms.”

“You misunderstood,” said the Voice. “What good is it to have you rob a bank if you don’t bring me the money?”

“I just thought you were trying to ruin my reputation,” Digger said.

“Yes, that’s right,” came Judith’s voice from the other room. “We’re being robbed.”

“Why would I care about your reputation?” asked the Voice.

“That was the whole point, you said!” Digger tried to keep from shouting. He still had to stay more or less on the guy’s good side. “Didn’t you? Something about being willing to ruin my reputation for a total stranger?”

“No, it’s not another false alarm,” Judith said. “Because I just watched him take the money out of the cash drawers, that’s why!”

“I also said I’d kill this man if I didn’t hear police dispatched to the bank,” said the Voice, “and the deadline passed 45 seconds ago.”

“No, wait!” Digger said. “The alarm has been activated. They should dispatch somebody any second now.”

“No, I’m standing here looking right at him!” Judith said. “What do you mean, how can you know that?”

“Hang on,” Digger said into his phone and walked toward the office where Judith was arguing.

“Would you believe me if I put him on the phone?” Judith asked as Digger drew near. “What do you mean, he could be anybody?”

She rolled her eyes at Digger, hands spread helplessly, then flinched back as Digger lifted the guard’s pistol, his finger on the trigger.

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