Week 3.3 – Getting Away With It

Previously: Digger robbed a bank and ran away just before the police arrived. And now…

Digger dropped warily to the ground outside his destination: an abandoned gas station in a virtually deserted part of town just a little south and east of where he had awakened just about an hour ago. He checked the time on the phone. He had cut it a little too close; he only had 45 seconds left.

He sprinted across the street and ducked into the alley between the back of the gas station and the wooden picket fence separating it from the abandoned motel next door. The back door was heavy gauge steel. Digger pondered it for a moment.

Though he was certainly not in the league of the really strong supers like Rev or Valkyrie Princess, the legs that enabled Digger to make 50-foot leaps also gave him quite a kick. And since his clinging ability allowed him to plant his back foot firmly in almost any situation, he could use his strength to its maximum efficiency.

He took up a position in front of the door and prepared to kick. If it was merely dead-bolted, he had a pretty good chance of busting it open, but if it was secured with an iron bar, this could really hurt.

Then again, he was expected.

He tried the knob. It was unlocked.

Inside, the abandoned station was stuffy and hot. he fought the urge to sneeze against the reek of old motor oil under a thick layer of dust. A red LED winked at him from a high corner, and in Digger’s pocket, the phone rang.

The LED blinked again as Digger reached for the phone. He froze, watching the light in the corner. The LED went out. Digger waited. The light stayed out through two more rings and winked on immediately when he moved his hand to grab the phone on the fourth.

Motion sensors. That’s how he knew I was awake before.

Digger had no idea what he would do with the information, but was proud of himself for figuring it out as he answered the phone. “Hello?”

“Took you long enough,” said the Voice.”Trying to figure out a way to fool the sensors and set a trap for me?”

“Just looking for the hostage,” Digger said, taking in the rest of the empty room. “I thought we were supposed to trade.”

“Thinking has never been your strong suit,” said the Voice. “You should stick to blowing things up.”

“But you’ve fixed it so I can’t, can I?” asked Digger.

“That’s right,” said the Voice, and Digger could swear he was having to fight to keep from laughing out loud. “But I can’t let the gentleman go just yet. I’ll be keeping him in my custody for seven more days.”


“You still have work to do,” said the Voice. “This was just a warm-up.”

“Warm up for what?” Digger asked. “Robbing a mint?”

“Nothing so mundane,” said the Voice. “You are going to cause a major international incident by attempting to kill the leader of another country.”

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