Week 7.5 – The Museum

Previously: Twain has robbed the Kessler Museum of the World with Digger in tow. And now…

Digger leaped toward the alley entrance, but the leap fell far short of where he should have landed. It was the damn skater jeans; they were so baggy, they created a ton of drag that he wasn’t used to. He sprinted into the the alley and caught up to Twain before the thief had reached the far end. He grabbed Twain by the shoulder and spun him around.

“Dude, what’s the deal?” he asked. “You said it was supposed to be just a recon.”

“Damn it, keep moving,” Twain said and ran out of the alley.

“Hey, aren’t we going the wrong way?” Digger asked as Twain started to cross the street.

“No, we’re going the right way,” Twain said. He sprinted into another alley with Digger following. “I let myself get seen in this get-up going a couple of blocks in the wrong direction, then switch outfits and double back.”

“That almost makes sense,” Digger admitted. “Except, Calamity Jane? Really?”

Twain stopped and turned to face Digger. “It’s Bellicose Jane. And my legs are killing me.”

Digger glanced down at Twain’s disturbingly smooth legs. “What, cause of the boots?”

“No!” Twain said. “You don’t get it? Bellicose Jane? Rhymes with ‘varicose vein?’”

He turned and stalked away with Digger following once again. “Oh my God, who on the planet do you expect to get that?”

Twain shrugged. “It doesn’t really matter how many people get it as long as I know it’s funny.”

“But it’s not!” Digger said. “It’s really not.”

“Okay, enough,” Twain said. “One more street and then we double back.”

“But seriously,” Digger said as they continued across the next street, “if we’re going to work together, you need to stop lying to me.”

“When did I lie to you?” Twain asked.

“Do the words ‘this is just a recon’ ring a bell?”

Twain walked quickly into another alley. “Okay, I’ll admit I jumped the gun on you. But I needed you to be cool in there, and the best way to keep you cool was to make you think nothing would happen.”

“That’s bull,” Digger said. “I’m not a noob. You need to start trusting me more.”

“When it comes to what we’re doing now, you are a noob,” Twain said. “But you want me to trust you more? Fine. On our next job, I’ll give you something really important to do.”

“Next job? Wait a minute,” Digger said. “I thought this was it. What next job?”

“The cup by itself has no special properties,” Twain said. “There are two other components we need for the plan.”

“Two? Only two?” Digger asked. “If you’re going to make something up, why not say you need my help for ten more? Or twenty?”

“Because the actual number is one,” Twain said. “I already have one of the other components. We just need one last piece to put the plan into motion.”

“Which is?”

“Yes, tell us,” said a voice from above. “I’d like to hear this, too.”

 Who is the newcomer? Find out next week in our next exciting episode!

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