Week 8.2 – Bite the Big Apple Corps

Previously: While making their escape from robbing the Kessler Museum, Digger and Twain encountered three members of the famous New York supergroup the Big Apple Corps. And now…

“Digger, maybe we should just tell them what’s going on,” Twain said. “If you explain things to them like you did to Stretcho…”


“Whatever. Maybe they’d let us go.” Twain hoped that would be the case, anyway. He hadn’t expected the Corps to show up so quickly. How had they managed it?

“Dude, we were able to do that with Flexo because he’s new. He’s easy to walk over, plus we get along. These guys,” Digger nodded toward the two men moving to flank them, “hate me.”


Digger pointed at Caveat. “Kicked his ass…”

“You cheated,” Caveat  snarled.

“Whatever. Which means I also kicked Fish Girl’s boyfriend’s ass.”

“My name is not…”

“And Stick,” Digger continued, pointing at Biggus Stickus, “I humiliated in front of some of his groupies. He chickened out before I could kick his ass.”

“I didn’t chicken out,” Stickus said. “There aren’t any women here for you to hide behind this time.”

“What about her?” Digger asked, pointing at Twain.

“She’s no her,” said another voice from above them, deeper and colder than any voice Twain had heard before. He looked up and recognized the leader of the Big Apple Corps, Invictus, descending toward them, dressed in a tight fitting uniform of deep blue with golden shoulder braids and a cape of royal purple. His eyes glowed a shade of blue only slightly lighter than his uniform.

This was a disaster, Twain realized. Caveat was dangerous, but barely above normal as far as powers went. Carpe was stronger, and Stickus stronger still, but neither was considered in the top tier of dangerous opponents. Digger might be able to handle one or even all of them, though it was questionable without being able to use his Drillers.

But Invictus was a different story altogether. His name meant “Unbeaten,” and he claimed to have never lost in a fair fight.

“Jeez, you guys are such divas,” Digger said, apparently unconcerned by the worsening odds. “You can’t just show up and fight. You’ve all got to make entrances.”

Invictus didn’t rise to the bait. “Slumming with norms now, Digger?”

“She’s a norm?” Stickus asked, pointing at Twain with his bat.

“Depends on your definition of norm, I guess,” Invictus said. “I personally don’t consider tranvestites all that normal. But he has no powers. Except…”

“What?” asked Caveat.

“There is a spark there,” Invictus said. “Perhaps a latent. Still, hardly worth bothering with.”

“What are we going to do?” Twain muttered to Digger.

“When the fight starts,” Digger said quietly, “take down Carpe, then run. Wait for me at the car. I’ll catch up.”

“What makes you think I can take down Carpe?” Twain asked.

Digger looked at him. “You’re saying you don’t have a surprise up your sleeve?”

Twain almost smiled. “I might. But how are you going to beat these guys when you can’t even, um…”

“Can’t even what?” Caveat asked.

“Can’t use his Drillers,” said a mellifluous voice from behind them. “Isn’t that right, Digger?”

Who is the new arrival? Find out in the next thrilling episode!

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