Week 10.4 – Caveat’s Crib

Sorry for the missed update. Holiday season and personal difficulties have my mind beaten nearly into submission.

Previously: Digger and Twain were trapped in Caveat Maledictor’s mansion while stealing a blue crystal, the final piece to Twain’s plan to help Digger out of his current difficulties. And now…

“Maybe if we hurry, we can get out of here before Caveat finds us in his house,” Digger said, stepping out into the corridor with Twain. He stuffed the glowing blue crystal into his pocket. The light shone dimly through his khakis.

“You really think so?” Twain asked.

Lights all over the house came on one by one. “Oh hell no.”

And then Caveat Maledictor rounded the corner, trailed by Carpe Noctem on his left and Biggus Stickus on his right in one of those power wedge formations you saw on TV all the time. Digger was pretty sure they’d rehearsed it a few times. It certainly looked dramatic.

“This is it, Digger,” Caveat said. “No escape this time.”

“I don’t intend to escape,” Digger said.

Twain turned to look at Digger, not sure what he meant. His hand crept into his pocket. Even if Digger intended to surrender without a fight. Twain would not. He had come too far to be stopped now, although he wasn’t sure how he’d get the crystal out of Digger’s pocket in that case.

Caveat smirked. “No? Giving up so easily?”

“Knew you were a coward,” Stickus mumbled through his swollen jaw.

“No, you’re going to let us go without a fight,” Digger said. “And promise not to pursue us.”

Caveat laughed. It was actually kind of scary, Twain thought. “And why would I do that?”

“Because we’re in your house, full of very valuable artifacts.” Digger’s Drillers powered on with a snap and a rising whine. “And you know how hard I can be on buildings.”

Twain’s head snapped around. “Wait a second,” he said over the sound of the Drillers.

“Yeah, wait a second,” Caveat said, his eyes wide. “I thought your Drillers were broken.”

“You thought wrong,” Digger said. He let them power down so he could speak at normal volume. “I just haven’t been able to use them because if I do, a hostage will die.”

“Yeah, and me too,” Twain added, putting a hand to his chest.

“Please, you’re not still sticking with that story, are you?” Digger asked.

“So you’re saying you’re willing to kill a hostage to keep from being arrested?” Carpe asked.

“If I get arrested, the hostage dies anyway,” Digger said. “There’s something the kidnapper wants me to do in less than a week, and I’m betting I can’t do it in jail. Which means it isn’t my choice any more. It’s yours. Arrest me,  and the hostage dies. Fight me, the hostage dies. Let me go, the hostage lives.”

“How do we even know there is a hostage?” Stickus asked.

“You don’t,” Digger said. “I’m not willing to take that chance. Plus, there’s one other reason you wnt to let me go.”

Caveat snorted. “Which is?”

Digger nodded toward Caveat’s study. “Come talk with me in private.”

“No,” Caveat said. “Whatever you’ve got to say, you can say in front of all of us.”

Digger shrugged. “Okay, but I really think you’ll regret it.”

 What will Digger tell Caveat? Join us very soon for our next episode!

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