Status Update 12/2011

Okay, obviously things have been going through a rough patch here update-wise, so I thought I would fill in some reasons, tell you about some new stuff that’s happening, and generally make excuses.

I think that right now, it’s just coming down to stress. Here’s where I am: mostly broke, working part-time at a retailer that is barely giving me enough hours to keep my lights turned on. I would ask for more hours, but this being Christmastime, it’s all I can manage to work the hours I do without flying into a rage and screaming at someone. And I am not generally a rager.

But seriously, between being broke, and waiting for my final divorce decree to come through, and having to change my schedule around because of changes at my (ex)wife’s household that forced a change in our child care strategy, and having daily deadlines that I’m not meeting for a story that very few people are reading, it’s using up all my mental bandwidth. I like seeing my daughter more, and I like working on Run, Digger, Run! and I don’t even mind Christmas, in the abstract. But having all those things collide on top of me at once just makes my mind shut down.

Still, I’m plugging away. You might have noticed a banner last week that new T-shirts were available. I have finally updated my Cafepress store for the first time in over two years, so now, if you want a Hero Go Home T-shirt, you can have one. If there are other products you’re interested in, like coffee cups or coasters or what have you, let me know and I’ll get those set up. And I’m still debating whether to attempt a Phoenix Phront shirt design or not.

Also, I’m proud to announce that Hero Go Home is now available in paperback! For the present, it is only available in my eStore and not on Amazon or other booksellers generally. The price is $15.95, plus shipping. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get it ready in time for Christmas shipping, but the proofing process took longer than I expected (and is another reason the updates for the last couple of weeks were so spotty).

So if you’ve wanted a copy, but were reluctant to buy the ebook, this is your chance! And if this edition sells, I’ll get to work putting together paperback editions of Digger Breaks Through and Death Wave as well.

So what can you expect going forward? I’m playing with possibilities right now. I want t0 fix the site’s navigation, but that will probably have to wait until after Christmas. Run, Digger, Run! is reaching the end of the first part and about to take a serious left turn, so look forward to that. But I’m debating putting it on a hiatus from Christmas to New Years, because seriously, my mind is burned out.

Another idea I’ve been debating is putting Super Movies on hold to launch a different feature (unfortunately not one that would prove to be less work). If you remember back in Week 7.2, Digger and Twain had been listening to episodes of an old radio show called Captain Zero. Well, it so happens that I have the transcription disks of those 15 episodes, and if anyone is interested, I’ll get the audio cleaned up as best I can and upload them here, one episode a week.

To wrap up, while I can’t guarantee I’ll never miss a daily update in the year to come (I am in serious awe of Howard Tayler in this regard), I will continue to work hard to make this a fun site to visit. I appreciate everyone who comes to read. I’m thrilled when someone leaves a comment, especially if it’s not spam. I’m thankful for every sale and donation. If you enjoy what you’re seeing here, please let someone else know.


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