Week 11.1 – The Plan, Revealed

So sorry this is so late.

Previously: Digger and Twain had just made their escape from Caveat Maledictor’s mansion. And now…

“So seriously, no more stalling,” Digger said once they were on the road again. “What’s the plan?”

Twain stared at the road. “I’ll tell you tomorrow.”

Digger slammed his hand into the dashboard. “What the hell, man? Just tell me.”

“It won’t do any good to tell you,” Twain said. “I have to show you, and to show you, I need sunlight. So you’ll find out tomorrow.”

Digger shook his head and turned away. “This is bogus, man.”

“No, I’ll tell you what’s bogus,” Twain said. “What was that about threatening to use your Drillers back there? If he’d called your bluff, you could have killed me.”

“Come off it,” Digger muttered.

“Come off what?”

Digger turned and put his hand on Twain’s chest, grabbed the bomb secured there under his shirt by the metal harness. “Change.”

“Let go.”


Twain took his eyes off the road to look at Digger. “You seriously need to take your hands off me right now.”

“Not until you change.”

Twain smiled and shook his head. “Okay, you got me. There’s no bomb when I flip.”

Digger pulled his hand away. “Then why make me think there was?”

“Two reasons,” Twain said. “Number one, it was funny. And number two, I couldn’t be sure that he didn’t have some sort of monitoring devices in those things on your Drillers.”

“What, you mean he’s listening in on us?” Digger turned and looked in the rear view mirror as if he might suddenly find them being pursued.

“He might be,” Twain said.

“Then why admit it now?” Digger asked.

“Because it doesn’t matter any more,” Twain said. “We.ve got all the pieces we need. He can’t stop us now.”

But maybe I can, said a voice in Twain’s head.

“Deus?” Twain asked the air.

“Oh, God, what does he want?” Digger asked.

“Back for more pain?” Twain asked.

Hardly. I just want you to know that, although we’re letting you go at this moment, rest assured, we will bring you to justice.

“Okay, number one, why bother?” Twain said. “I’m just a small fish. You guys are the big leagues. I’m hardly worth your time. And number two, good luck trying.”

Answers like that just make you more interesting. Watch your back.

“I will.” The presence faded from Twain’s mind.

“What was that about?” Digger asked.

“Somebody else getting in line to kick my ass,” Twain said. “If they can find it.”

“Deus can,” Digger said. “And you’re tricky, but tricks won’t hold them off forever.”

“I just have to hold them off until we’re done,” Twain said, staring intently at something beyond the windshield. “And then I won’t need tricks.”

“What does that mean?”

Twain smiled at Digger. “It means, once we fix all this mess and clear your name, you’ll vouch for me. Right?”

“I don’t know how much my recommendation is worth,” Digger said. “But if you help me save that guy, yeah, I’ll put in a word.”

They drove on in silence.

Will Twain ever reveal his plan? Be with us for our next exciting episode!

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