Week 12.1 – Frog Boy Redux

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Previously: Twain threw the magical juice from the Cup of Regret into Digger’s face in an attempt to send him back in time. And now…

As Digger wiped the sticky liquid out of his eyes, he felt a tingle, like the flutter of ten thousand moth wings against his body. A roar rose in his ears, and vibrations under his feet. It took a moment for him to realize that the roar was not the sound of time rushing past his ears, but the babble of a thousand voices in a cavernous space.

He opened his eyes. He was in a huge metal building crammed with vendors’ booths, like a state fair or a flea market. Something had gone wrong. He was supposed to go back only a few days, yet he hadn’t been in a place like this in years. Then again, he was coming back to prevent the Cobalt Czar from taking his hostage; perhaps this was where they’d done it.

He looked around to see if he could spot the balding man from the video, but all around him were just hippies and weirdos in clothes that hadn’t been in fashion in years. What kind of small hick town was this to be so far behind the times? Hell, there was even a guy in a poncho over there.

Something felt wrong, though. Something familiar.

[blockquote type=”blockquote_quotes” align=”right”]Any minute now, Frog Boy would show up to kick his ass.[/blockquote]He looked around again, taking in the clothes, the hair, the eclectic mix of goods on display in the booths. He looked back at the guy in the poncho, who was intent upon something off to Digger’s right. He turned and looked that way to see a man with chestnut hair closely inspecting an antique brass hookah. And then it all fell into place.

He was in a flea market in Berkeley. The guy in the poncho was himself, almost fifteen years ago. And any minute now, Frog Boy would show up to kick his ass.

Digger ducked around a corner to avoid being seen by his younger half. This made no sense. Why would he be sent back here? It had nothing to do with what he was involved with now; he had busted up the smuggling operation years ago and wiped out the follow-on operation only last year in Denver. Neither case had anything to do with Twain or the Cobalt Czar. Why would he sent back to see Frog Boy? Speaking of which…

Digger looked around to see if he could spot where the mysterious villain would appear. He had been so focused on the guy he was tailing last time that he hadn’t even noticed which direction Frog Boy had come from.

It was hard to see clearly in all directions because of the clusters of vendors’ booths, though. Digger shifted this way and that, trying to spot the well-remembered green mask, occasionally glancing back to make sure the fight hadn’t started yet. Where was he?

If he didn’t appear soon, Digger would have to warn his past self against making the grab, but that was supposedly bad, changing the past that way. And then he spotted the familiar green mask. “Oh shit.”

What has Digger seen? To find out, be here tomorrow for the next exciting episode!

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