Week 15.4 – Stranded

Previously: Whiz arrived in Memphis to help a stranded Digger, when someone else arrived to disrupt their plans. And now…

Even though he recognized the voice, Digger still turned to look. Behind him stood a lanky man with dark hair, wearing a blue windbreaker. He looked and sounded vaguely like Elvis.

“Hey, I know you,” Kevin said.

“Whiz, this is Hound Dog,” Digger said. “Dog, Kevin Chen.”

“Yeah, you were that guy at the plaza when the demons first appeared,*” Kevin said.

“That was me,” Hound Dog said.

“Got your ass kicked,” Kevin continued.

“That’s cause I stayed to help people instead of running away to hide with my girlfriend.”

“Hey, I just took her to safety,” Kevin said. “I came right back.”

“What are you doing here?” Digger asked before Hound Dog could continue the pissing contest.

“It’s obvious, ain’t it? Come to collect a bounty. You’re wanted in Bayside for robbing that bank.” Hound Dog nodded at Digger’s arms. “So what the hell happened to you?”

“Long story,” Digger said. “And I can’t go with you.”

“Why not?”

“Because the real perpetrator’s still out there,” Digger said. “And I’m the only one who can catch him.”

“Why can’t you leave it to someone else?” Hound Dog asked. “He have some secret power only you know about?”

“He changes clothes,” Digger said. “Creatively.”

Hound Dog snorted. “Seriously? Tell me where he’s headed, and we’ll have the local boys pick him up.”

“No, you won’t, because he’s headed to Mongolia to see the Cobalt Czar,” Digger said. “And I think he’s got some plan to hurt him.”

[blockquote type=”blockquote_quotes” align=”left”]Wait, you’re telling me that you can’t go to Bayside to be arraigned because you, without your powers, have to go save the most terrifying man on the planet from a guy whose power is changing clothes?[/blockquote]Hound Dog shook his head like a bear being harassed by bees. “Wait, you’re telling me that you can’t go to Bayside to be arraigned because you, without your powers, have to go save the most terrifying man on the planet from a guy whose power is changing clothes?”

“Creatively,” Digger clarified.

“Dude, the story made a lot more sense the way you told it to me,” Kevin said.

“Yeah, all right,” Hound Dog said, pulling out a pair of chrome steel handcuffs. “Don’t make me do this the hard way, Digger. You owe me that much.”

Kevin stood up. “Just step off, dude.”

Hound Dog tensed, and his weight shifted subtly to the balls of his feet. He wasn’t as fast as Whiz–nobody was–but he was agile and strong and knew how to fight dirty. “You want to start something? Sure you don’t need to go protect your girlfriend?”

“Is there a problem here?” asked the cook from behind the counter. He was a big guy, looked pretty strong for a norm, but Digger knew he’d be no match for these two if they started fighting.

“No problem,” Digger said, stepping between them. “Back off, Kevin. Dog’s right, I owe him. Call Davey and tell him I said thanks for trying to help.”

“You sure this is what you want?” Kevin asked.

“Yeah,” Digger said as Hound Dog cuffed Digger’s hands in front. “Thanks for coming down, man. And thanks for lunch.”

“Wait, we’re not splitting the check?” Kevin asked.

So is Digger’s adventure over now? Will Digger end up in jail without his powers? What will happen next? Join us tomorrow for our next exciting episode!

*as recounted in the novel, Hero Go Home!, available in Kindle format or trade paperback at the Novels page above–Pimpin’ Tony

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2 Responses to Week 15.4 – Stranded

  1. Tony Frazier says:

    It feels a little like today’s episode was just spinning its wheels but staying in the same place. But pieces are being moved subtly to set up the next big sequence, which I hope will be entertaining. The story will start getting bigger from here, trust me.

  2. Josh says:

    Hound Dog’s summary of the situation is awesome

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