Week 16.4 – Twain’s Real Story

Previously: Digger was released from police custody with the help of Caveat Maledictor, who wants Digger to get his crystal back. And now…

Digger scrubbed at his face with his palms as the waitress arrived with his coffee. “Thanks,” he said.

You all right, hon?” asked the waitress.

“I’m fine,” Digger said.

As the waitress walked away, Davey Lopez said, “Are you okay, Dig? You look kind of, I don’t know, wasted.”

Digger stretched and looked around the Phoenix truck stop where Davey had met him for breakfast. “I’m fine. I just… I’ve never zoned out on a drive like this before. On the other hand, I’m making great time. I should be in San Francisco before sunset.”

“That’s good, I guess,” Davey said.

“Yeah. And the mileage,” Digger said. “I thought my beat-up old Hyundai got pretty good mileage, but I guess with the new cars that they have nowadays, it’s a lot better.”

“What are you driving?”

[blockquote type=”blockquote_quotes” align=”left”] “You mean you’re driving halfway across the country without a driver’s license and planning to fly to China without a passport?” Digger nodded. “Far from the most impossible thing I have ever done.”[/blockquote]“Toyota or something,” Digger said. “I don’t know. Caveat rented it, and you paid for it. Thanks for that, by the way.”

“Don’t mention it,” Davey said. “I’ll always have your back. I owe you that much.”

Digger smiled uneasily. He had saved Davey’s life as a child and had more recently freed him from psychic bondage to end Hell on Earth, so he understood Davey’s gratitude. What made him uneasy was the money Dave was throwing around.

Davey had spent most of his life in a coma with the power to manifest solid illusions that seemed completely real. With such power at his disposal, Davey had amassed a fortune (in ways both legal and not) to help his mother stay solvent while paying his considerable medical bills.

He had come out of the coma a few months ago, and all the alternate personas who had earned the money had disappeared. But Davey apparently still had access to it, because he always had cash to throw around when Digger needed a favor. Digger didn’t want to think too hard about how Davey had acquired it.

“So what kind of mileage are we talking about?” Davey asked.

“I haven’t really been keeping track, but something like 80 miles a gallon, I guess,” Digger said.

“Hybrid?” Davey asked.

“Don’t think so,” Digger said. He brightened as the waitress approached with plates. “Finally. I’m starving.”

“So what’s your plan when you get to San Francisco?” Davey asked.

“Don’t know,” Digger said. “I’ll talk to Whiz’s brother first thing, but I don’t know how much he’ll be able to help. And after that, I’ll try to catch a flight to China.”

“You have your passport with you?” Davey asked.

Digger froze in mid-bite. “Um… no. I don’t have a passport. I used to have one of those government-issued hero travel cards, but it disappeared with my wallet.”

“Where was your driver’s license?”

“It’s gone, too. “

“Wait,” Davey said. “You mean you’re driving halfway across the country without a driver’s license and planning to fly to China without a passport?”

Digger nodded and said around a mouthful of eggs, “Far from the most impossible thing I’ve ever done.”

Exactly how does Digger plan to go overseas without a passport? Don’t expect to learn the answer tomorrow, because Twain returns in tomorrow’s episode!

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