Week 21.5 – The Party Plane

Previously: Digger and Cole were on the Defcon 5 jet, headed for China, propelled by Metalord’s magnetic powers.. And now…

“What does ‘golden ticket’ mean, exactly?” Digger asked.

“A few years back, we not only saved Mongolia from being overrun by the Czar, but we also rescued a couple of China’s northern provinces. So each of us got a personal letter from the Premier…” Cole tapped the letter in Digger’s hand, “naming us official heroes of the People’s Republic.”

“And that’s it?” Digger asked. “You’re pinning this whole operation on a letter?”

“Official Hero,” Cole quoted. “It’s not like being a hero in the U.S. ‘Official Hero’ of a Communist dictatorship means you get perks. Like, you don’t have a passport, but I can bring you in as my ‘plus one.’”

“And you know this because you’ve done it before. You’ve flown to China before.”

“No, just Hawaii,” Cole admitted. “But it stands to reason.”

By that time, Tiffany and Amanda were returning with the sandwiches and beer, and further discussion of strategy was forgotten for hte moment. Digger had to admit the sandwich was really good. It had roast beef and prosciutto and a really interesting cheese, like gouda or something.

By the time the sandwiches were done, the beer was flowing, and the stewardesses had somehow started cuddling with them on the couches as Cole told the story of how he had become king of the Lava Men who emerged from the crater of Mauna Loa.

[blockquote type=”blockquote_quotes” align=”right”]There was a strangled cry from the cabins in back. Digger barely had time to recognize Cole’s voice before the lights went out and the plane went into a nose-dive. ..[/blockquote]“My God,” Digger said. “Kevin told me you were crazy, but I didn’t realize he meant certifiably.”

“I’m not crazy,” Cole said.

“You just told me that you’re the king of the Lava Men,” Digger said.

“By right. Because I killed their king,” Cole said. “But I never actually tried claim the throne. That would be crazy.”

Digger turned to look at Amanda for support and noticed her fine blonde hair sticking out from her head in all directions. “I’m not sure you’re really the best judge of what’s crazy and what’s not,” he said to Cole.

“Fair enough,” Cole said. “I need to check a few things in back. Tiffany, you want to come with me?”

“Sure,” Tiffany said with a sly smile.

They headed into the back, leaving Digger alone to make small talk with Amanda.

Digger felt his ears pop. “What the hell?”

“It’s because we’re gaining altitude. Come here and sit with me for a second,” Amanda said, leading Digger to trhe airplane seats bolted along the cabin wall. She took both of Digger’s hands in hers.

“Can you fly?” Amanda asked.

“No,” Digger answered.

“Are you invulnerable at all?”

“ No.”


“Not that I know of.

Amanda loosed his hands and smiled nervously. “You know what? We’re just going to fasten this really quick.”

Digger looked down and realized that she had fastened his seatbelt.

“Wait, why?” he asked as she clicked her own belt closed.

There was a strangled cry from the cabins in back. Digger barely had time to recognize Cole’s voice before the lights went out and the plane went into a nose-dive.

How will Digger survive the crash? And what has happened to Metalord? Join us week after next for the answers, and in the meantime, join us Monday for our next episode featuring Twain and Yi Fan.

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