Week 23.2 – China

Previously:  Digger survived a power failure and near crash on Defcon 5’s plane, only to discover it was caused by Metalord losing control of his powers during sex. And now…

Digger’s ears popped as the plane gained altitude after a third brief shutdown in as many hours. The door to the rear section of the plane opened, and Cole walked in, wearing a robe. “Hey,” he said as he turned toward the galley.

“Don’t ‘hey’ me,” Digger said. “I’m starting to reconsider this whole trip.”

“Is there a problem?” Cole asked as he pulled two beers from the mini-fridge in the galley.

“Yes, there’s a problem,” Digger said. “This whole flight is a problem. What the hell are you thinking?”

“Do you not like Amanda?” Cole asked. “Because I thought you would like her. She’s really good.”

“No, Amanda’s fine. That’s not…” Digger sighed. “Is this what you think heroes do? You have people who look up to you.”

“Are you really Digger?” Cole asked. “Because the last I heard, Digger drinks a lot and hates people. I mean, I saw your interview in Phoenix.”

“Wait a second, you’re the Digger?” Amanda asked.

Digger rubbed his forehead. “I was having a bad night.”

[blockquote type=”blockquote_quotes” align=”left”]“Beer and prostitutes on the Party Plane is a sacred trust?”[/blockquote]“Oh, I’m not judging,” Cole said. “I was right there with you. I’m just surprised anybody was actually dumb enough to say it out loud. But that guy would not be talking to me like this now.”

“That guy became the world’s hero,” Digger said. “It changes your perspective.”

“No, seriously, you’re the Digger? The one who saved the world?” Amanda asked. “Where’s your things?”

“Long story. And I’m not the issue. He’s the issue.” Digger pointed at Cole. “Do you seriously behave this way? What if the story came out? What would your fans think?”

“What, you think I’m worried about my fans being disillusioned?” Cole said. “I’m doing this for them. It’s like a sacred trust.”

“Jeez, if I’d known you were the Digger, I might have done you for free,” Amanda said.

“Beer and prostitutes on the Party Plane is a sacred trust?” Digger asked. “Smuggling whatever past customs is a sacred trust?”

“Yes,” Cole said. “Look, we can do things that most people only fantasize about, right? Well, I can, anyway. They look at someone like me, and they’re all, ‘Dude, if I could do those things, my life would be so cool.’ Right?”

“I guess,” Digger said.

“People want to be like us–well, like me–because they think that if they could do what I do, they could have as much fun as they wanted, indulge every whim and fantasy. Life with my powers would be a non-stop party,” Cole said. “So for the sake of all those people who wish they could be me, but can’t, it’s almost like it’s my duty to have as much fun as possible. You think I want to be up here partying with hot women all night?”

“Yes,” Digger said.

“Exactly,” Cole replied. “Because it’s fun. That’s my duty. That’s my curse.”

Cole’s silvery eyes took on a distant look before Digger could reply. “We’ve got company,” he said and headed for the cockpit.

What’s happening now? Join us tomorrow for our next exciting episode!

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