Week 23.4 – China

Previously: Cole avoided being shot down by a Chinese fighter jet as their plane entered Chinese airspace. And now…

Ten minutes later, Digger stepped out onto the roof of the car Metalord had levitated up to the door of the plane. He was already sweating in the blue jumpsuit Cole had made him put on–one of Cortex’s spare outfits. Behind him, Amanda’s ample curves bulged against one of Migi’s too-small bodysuits, while Tiffany looked absolutely regal in Boon’s white robe.

Ahead of them, Metalord–in full armor–turned and said, “Remember, let me do the talking.”

“You’re the only one who speaks Chinese, dude,” Digger said. “Not a problem.”

Metalord lowered the car back onto the tarmac not far from a row of small hangars. Digger stepped down and helped Amanda and Tiffany to the ground. He heard a distant roar and saw a couple of jeeps bearing some sort of airport police come around a corner toward them. A dark sedan followed.

Metalord stepped forward to meet the cars, pulling the precious letter from inside his breastplate. When Digger had first seen Metalord in the armor, he had assumed it was some sort of medieval replica. But in fact, there were no straps or anything to hold it on. Every plate adhered to his body by his own magnetic force.

The military police got out brandishing automatic rifles. They surrounded the small group as a young, sly-looking man in a very expensive-looking suit emerged from the back seat of the sedan. “Hello,” he said in perfect English, with a slight British accent. “You are the Defcon 5, yes?”

[blockquote type=”blockquote_quotes” align=”left”]“It is indeed an honor to meet an official hero of the People’s Republic. Were you under the impression that this would somehow obviate the need for a flight plan and proper passports?”[/blockquote]“Just Defcon 5,” Digger said.

Metalord turned and looked back at him, annoyed. Then he turned back to the Chinese official. “Sorry for the confusion,” he said. “Our plane ran out of fuel, so I had to keep it in the air magnetically. It interfered with our radio communications. We didn’t mean to cause a problem.”

“Well, I’m sure something can be worked out,” the official said. “Unfortunately, I also could not find any record of a flight plan, which should have been filed with us in advance. Could I see your papers, please?”

“Of course,” Metalord said and offered the folded letter.

“What is this?” the official asked.

“Read it and find out,” Metalord said.

The man did as requested. His lips pursed, and then he looked back up at Metalord with a sly smile. As he refolded the letter, he said, “It is indeed an honor to meet an official hero of the People’s Republic. Were you under the impression that this would somehow obviate the need for a flight plan and proper passports?”

“Of course,” Metalord said. “I mean, that’s signed by the Premier himself. Those don’t just grow on trees.”

“No, they certainly do not,” said the official. He tore the paper in half, then tore the pieces again. “Unfortunately for you, the man who signed this letter is no longer Premier, and possession of documents bearing his signature is a criminal offense. So I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you to come along peacefully.”

So Digger’s trip to China is over almost before it has begun? Come on, you don’t believe that, do you? Be here tomorrow for the next exciting episode!

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