Week 25.3 – We All Scream

Previously: Metalord was fighting Bu Shou (Catcher) and Shi (Stone) for his freedom from Chinese prison. And now…

Shi strained against the mass of metal glued to his arm, held back by the force of Metalord’s magnetic repulsion. The huge glob of metal sealed around his right hand groaned, and then began to stretch into a teardrop shape as Shi’s stone hand pushed through it.

Metalord tried to reshape the metal to the front of Shi’s hand again, but it was clear such a tactic would not work for long. Shi was immensely strong and relentless. Stone didn’t get tired. Soon, his hand would rip out of the metal shell restraining it, and Metalord would be in trouble.

The only thing that didn’t fit was the music that had suddenly started to play and grew gradually louder. It was a jingling song, like from a music box, playing a sprightly tune at about three times normal speed. What kind of music was that for a life-or-death struggle?

And then, from around the corner of the nearby hangar appeared an ice cream truck, driving fast. Shi glanced at the approaching truck, then did a double-take, and his concentration wavered. In that instant, Metalord had him.

He commanded the metal cudgel on the end of Shi’s arm to hit him in the face, hard, three times, as he shouted “Stop hitting yourself!”

After the third hit, Shi fell to the ground,unconscious. His grey face bore an uneven crack down the middle. Cole started to turn toward the approaching ice cream truck, but noticed Bu Shou rising slowly to his feet, his uniform smoldering where the lightning had struck.

[blockquote type=”blockquote_quotes” align=”right”]He commanded the metal cudgel on the end of Shi’s arm to hit him in the face, hard, three times, as he shouted “Stop hitting yourself!”[/blockquote]“You think you can beat me?” Bu Shou slurred, his left eye swelled almost shut where a flying piece of armor had struck him. “I’m ready for you now. You won’t take me down again. And will somebody turn that bloody mu…?”

The truck spun into a bootlegger reverse that smacked Bu Shou with the rear end in mid-sentence. He tumbled across the tarmac, hit Shi’s raised earth trail and flipped into the air before landing almost fifty yards away.

Digger leaned out the passenger side door. “Get in and let’s get out of here,” he said.

“I told you to go to the hotel,” Cole said.

“Yeah, I didn’t,” Digger said. “Get in before they get back up.”

Colr looked at the two fallen heroes: Shi motionless and cracked, Bu Shou on all fours and shaking his head like a drunken dog. Maybe he didn’t want to run away yet. Maybe he wanted to keep fighting and beat them definitively.

But there were more where they came from, and he and Digger had somewhere else to go. “Fine,” Cole said and climbed into the passenger seat as Digger scooted back onto the driver’s side. “But I’m driving.”

“What do you…?”

The ice cream truck rose into the air and shot west, flying low over the city.

“No, damn it, I hate flying,” Digger said.

“But you shouldn’t,” Metalord answered. “Statistically speaking, it’s safer than…”

Glowing walls materialized around them, and they fell.

Will Metalord be able to defeat Bu Shou? Join us for the next exciting episode of Run, Digger, Run!

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