Week 28.4 – Ghost Dragon

***No Out of the Vault today as I catch up on the week’s episodes. I’m sorry they’re so late.***

Previously: The monstrous Ghost Dragon killed Biryukov, the bald Russian, before fading away. And now…

“Take his clothes,” Yi Fan said. “There’s something I have to do.”

She walked out the door, leaving Twain in the pantry with Biryukov’s corpse. He knelt to close the staring eyes. He didn’t want the man watching while Twain stole his clothes.

How had he missed it, Twain wondered as his fingers worked the buttons on Biryukov’s jacket. He hadn’t had a definite plan when he came here, just several pieces to a puzzle: a blue man who had not always been blue, a glowing, blue crystal with the word ‘Moon’ on it, a legendary place of power called the City of the Moon jealously guarded by the blue man.

The pieces seemed to suggest that the Czar had gotten his power from the City of the Moon, and that he guarded it so jealously to keep others doing the same. Twain’s plan, such as it was, had been to sneak into the City of the Moon somehow and gain powers for himself. The mask had never been part of the equation, except as a source of emergency weapons if he got in trouble.

[blockquote type=”blockquote_quotes” align=”left”]Twain pulled Biryukov’s jacket off. There was blood on it, but maybe that would just give people more reason not to look him in the eye.[/blockquote]But he must have known on some level, ever since he had seen what it did to Digger, that it might do the same to the Czar, else why suffer the headache of transporting it with him?

Twain pulled Biryukov’s jacket off. There was blood on it, but maybe that would just give people more reason not to look him in the eye. From what Twain had seen and heard of the man, people would likely assume that it was not his blood.

He heard Yi Fan’s voice outside the door, giving orders in Russian. Yi Fan was a different problem. She was certainly beautiful, even with the scar. And there was something tragic about her, trapped and cursed. Most of the time, she seemed like a good-hearted person looking for love and a happy life, but victimized by forces beyond her control. Under normal circumstances, he could see himself falling for a woman who looked at him the way she did.

But these weren’t normal circumstances. She had a cold, frightening side. As the Cobalt Czar’s enforcer, people were terrified of her and with good reason. She had broken Twain’s finger without a second thought. And she had summoned forth the evil beast inside her to snap the neck of the man whose pants Twain was now pulling off.

No matter what some future version of him had said, there was no way he could fall in love with someone as unpredictable and terrifying as Yi Fan. But she was his ally only as long as she believed that they would, indeed, fall in love. And he needed her help if he was going to bring down the Czar and claim the power of the City of the Moon for himself.

Which made his next step suddenly clear. He had to go back in time and convince her that they would soon be lovers.

On the one hand, it seems like a vital part of the plan. On the other hand, TIME TRAVEL NEVER HELPS! What can possibly go wrong? Be here for the next thrilling episode to find out!

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