Week 30.1 – The Cobalt Czar

Previously: Digger and Twain fought over the mask while Metalord and Ghost Dragon destroyed much of the town in their battle, a battle which was interrupted by the arrival of the Cobalt Czar. And now…

“Tsar Kobalta,” Metalord called happily. “You finally made it.”

Ghost Dragon shrugged off the metallic wreckage piled all around him. “Now you die, invader.”

“Dude, stay out of it,” Metalord said. “This doesn’t even involve you.”

“I will destroy you for your…” Ghost Dragon seemed to flicker out of existence for just a moment. “What have you done?”

“I’m constricting the cable around the woman,” Metalord said. “Kind of like a python. You may not need her to guide your movements, but what if she goes unconscious? Or dies?”

“Threatening to kill one of my subjects?” the Cobalt Czar boomed. “That is not smart move.”

“Hey, they started it,” Metalord said. “I’m just here to see you.”


“Well, my friend wanted to warn you about a threat, but I’m here to finish what was left unresolved between us,” Metalord said.

“What is that?” the Cobalt Czar asked.

[blockquote type=”blockquote_quotes” align=”right”]With the Czar powerless, all Twain had to do was deal with Digger and Ghost Dragon, and then all good things in life could be his…[/blockquote]“We fought to a standstill last time,” Metalord said, “and I know we’ve both been wondering just which of us is really stronger.”

“Standstill?” the Cobalt Czar asked. “I don’t remember.”

“You don’t remember? I’m Metalord, of Defcon 5.”

“Defcon 5?” The Cobalt Czar brightened. “Americans, yes? With the two cute little Japanese girls.”

“That’s right,” Metalord said.

“Yes.” The Czar nodded at the memory. “No standstill. I quit, because I didn’t want to hurt girls.”

“Are you kidding me?” Metalord asked.


Twain sat up slowly. His entire face hurt where it had been smacked by the refrigerator. He glanced to the side and saw Digger also slow to get up. His dress had been trashed. The slit in the skirt had been ripped all the way up to his hip, and the seams in the tight waist had split.

Twain heard voices behind him, turned and saw the Cobalt Czar confronting Digger’s Chinese friend, whoever he was. Twain felt the weight of the mask in its courier bag hanging at his side.

Now was his chance. While the Czar was preoccupied with hte magnetic hero, Twain could sneak up on him and slip the mask over his face. With the Czar powerless, all Twain had to do was deal with Digger and Ghost Dragon, and then all good things in life could be his.

But as he took the first step toward his destiny, he was distracted by a strangled cry. Within the whirling filthy maelstrom that raged within Ghost Dragon, he saw Yi Fan bound by snakelike cables, her face contorted in agony. Rage seethed on the ghost’s face, but he held himself in check, almost as if he were afraid. Twain saw the cables tighten around Yi Fan’s body, and she cried out again. The Cobalt Czar would have to wait. Twain had to save Yi Fan.

He took a step toward the ghost, unsure just how to free the girl, when Digger’s voice rang out behind him. “Hey!”

He turned to see Digger rip off the wig knocked askew on his head. “We’re not done yet,” Digger said.

Can Twain save Yi Fan? Will Metalord and the Cobalt Czar find a peaceful way to settle their differences? Are you kidding? Don’t miss the next action-packed episode!

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