Week 33.4 – Powerless

Previously: While Digger was interrogated by the Cobalt Czar, Twain and Cole were being held prisoner in the Czar’s dungeon. And now…

Twain sat and tried not to panic at what Digger might be telling the Czar. He could spoil the whole plan. On the other hand, it might get Twain interrogated sooner.

“So what’s your name anyway?” asked the voice from the other cell.


“So you’re Twain,” said the voice. “I should have known.”


“Well, Digger was wanting to stop some guy from hurting the Czar and you’re the only one in here with ideas for how to do that,” said the voice. “I’m Cole. You may have heard of me back in the States as Metalord.”

“I know who you are,” Twain said. “You’re the ass who tried to kill Yi Fan.”

“Yi Fan?” Cole asked. “Who’s that? Your girlfriend?”

“She’s Ghost Dragon,” Twain said.

“Ghost Dragon is your girlfriend?”

“She’s not my…” Twain took a breath. “We’re friends, is all.”

“Well, I wasn’t trying to kill her,” Cole said. “Just make her pass out to see if it would stop her projecting that energy construct.”

“He’s not a construct,” Twain said. “He’s a spirit who has possessed her against her will.”

[blockquote type=”blockquote_quotes” align=”left”]”Who knew a guy so sunny-sky blue would really be an emo goth kid inside?”[/blockquote]“Oh, come on,” Cole said. “You don’t honestly believe in ghosts, do you?”

“At least as much as I believe in guys who can bend spoons with their mind,” Twain answered.

“You’re lucky I can’t use my powers right now,” Cole said. “I’d show you what else I can bend.”

“You’re lucky I can’t use my powers either,” Twain said.

“What, the clothes-changing thing?” Cole laughed. “What would you do, switch to a clean pair of pants after you’d pissed yours?”

“Well, maybe they’ll get around to torturing me pretty soon, and you can find out.”

“What?” Cole asked, sounding confused. “Are you saying being tortured will get you your powers back?”

“Something like that.” He was revealing too much, he knew, but Twain just hated the smug sound of that guy’s voice.

“How does that wo…”

The door in the hall slammed open and the guard’s voice sounded again. “I said, no talking!”

The door to Twain’s cell was wrenched open, and the guard stepped in, raising his billy club. “Stick around and fi…” was all Twain could get out before the club fell.


Some time later, Cole heard the doors open again. Someone groaned as the door to the cell next to his opened, and then a body thudded onto the floor. COle waited until the guards were gone, then said, “Digger, is that you?”

“Yeah,” Digger moaned.

“What happened to you?”

“The Czar is a very sensitive guy,” Digger said, “who gets really offended when you make fun of his pain.”

“Why would you do that?”

“Because I’m stupid,” Digger said. “And I thought he could take it. Who knew a guy so sunny-sky blue would really be an emo goth kid inside?”

“I kinda figured,” Cole said. “Maybe once that blue stuff they injected me with wears off, I can get us out of here.”

“We can’t wait that long,” Digger said.

Without Cole’s or Twain’s powers to help them, how will they escape? And just how is torture supposed to help Twain get his mojo back? For some of the answers, don’t miss our next exciting episode!

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