Week 40.3 – It’s a Trap!

Previously: The Ghost inhabited the crystals of the City of the Moon, becoming immensely powerful. Cole managed to shatter one of the crystals, showing just how the Ghost could be beaten. And now…

“Cool, I got this,” said Cole. He lifted his hands.

The Ghost growled and reached one massive, glowing claw toward Cole. He dodged the blow easily, flitting across the chamber with his makeshift vest of metal wire. He landed next to the wall, and in the next moment, a dozen guns flew into the chamber, summoned by his magnetic powers.

“Easy, peasy,” Cole said as a dozen images of the Ghost emerged from the crystals on the wall behind him and struck without mercy. Some grabbed his arms, holding him immobilized as the others clawed him or pummelled him with small but powerful fists. He fell, but they continued to rain blows down upon him until Bogdan rushed forward and dragged him away.

The Ghost laughed again as more images materialized in the passage leading back to the surface, blocking any hope of escape. “Do you think that will help you?” the Ghost asked. “Do you think there is anywhere you can go in here that I can’t reach you?”

“What do we do?” asked Bogdan.

“Throw me the mask!” Digger shouted. He leaped away from a slash by an image emerging from a nearby crystal and rolled to his feet near the shattered remains of the Cup of Regret.

“What for?” Twain asked.

“You know what for!”

“I don’t know what for,” said the Ghost.

Twain glanced at the remains of the cup at Digger’s feet. “Toss me the cup.”

[blockquote type=”blockquote_quotes” align=”right”]Twain grabbed Bogdan and Cole, dragged them around the turn in the passage as chunks of stone the size of watermelons bounced off his back…[/blockquote]“What?” Digger looked down at the broken shards of quartz around his feet. “It’s broken.”

“The biggest piece, then” Twain said.

“Why?” Digger asked.

“Yes, why?” the Ghost echoed.

“No time to argue,” Twain said. “Toss me the cup, I’ll throw you the mask.”

“Fine,” Digger said. He snatched up a curved section of the cup and threw it at Twain, who caught it deftly. “Now the mask!”

“No, I think not,” the Ghost said. His image lunged up from one of the fallen crystals at Digger’s feet and hit him hard. Digger was sent flying back into the Grand Cathedral. He smashed through a small stand of crystals and hit the floor groaning.

But even as the image was finishing its follow-through and Twain was taking a step forward, the large Ghost hovering over them all ripped into the roof of the cavern, sending down a curtain of rock and crystal.

Twain grabbed Bogdan and Cole, dragged them around the turn in the passage as chunks of stone the size of watermelons bounced off his back. As the noise subsided, Twain looked around the corner and saw the entrance chamber completely filled with rocky debris. “Are you all right?” he asked Bogdan.

“I’ll live,” Bogdan said. He swiped a hand through his hair, and it came away bloody, the blood black in the dim, blue glow. He looked down at Cole. “He’s still alive, but he’s badly injured.”

“He’ll be okay.”

“What do we do now?” Bogdan asked.

Twain held up the shard of shattered quartz. “We win.”

What is Twain’s plan? More importantly, will it work? Find out more in the next exciting episode!

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