Week 42.4 – Blow’d Up Real Good

Previously: Digger regained his powers using the mask he found in the Grand Cathedral and fired his Drillers for the first time in 42 weeks! And now…

The force of the blast pulverized rock for over 10 feet, but Digger made no move to escape. He’d just been so happy to have his powers back, he’d had to blast something.

A whirlwind kicked up around him and then the Ghost was there, clothes and hair whipping in that phantom gust. “So that was the power the mask stole from you,” the Ghost said. “You realize I won’t let you escape.”

“Why not?” Digger asked, slipping the mask back into the bag. He hung the bag over his shoulder. “If I leave I’m no longer a danger to you.”

The Ghost chuckled. “You’re not a danger to me now. But you could prove useful.”

“How so?”

Ghostly arms seized Digger and whirled him around so that he was facing a waist-high crystal just in front of the rockfall that blocked the exit. “My spirit is trapped,” said the Ghost as Digger’s hand was yanked toward the crystal. “But I can possess your body when you’re touching a crystal. Then I can use that incredibly destructive power of yours to spread terror.”

“Or not,” Digger said and fired the Driller. The crystal shattered in an immense explosion.


Twain was knocked back by flying fragments as the rockfall blocking the passage exploded outward. He slammed against the wall and fell to the floor as the passage grew bright from the combined glow of the thousands of crystals in the Grand Cathedral.

[blockquote type=”blockquote_quotes” align=”left”]Digger’s eyes half-opened and spotted Twain. “Destroying crystals… not good plan…”[/blockquote]Smoky tendrils whirled in the air, and the Ghost reformed before him. Twain could hear him only dimly over the chime sounding in his head. “What did you do?”

“I just got here,” Twain said, but the Ghost was not looking at him. He turned and saw Digger with his Drillers restored. He was lying on the ground a short distance away, wearing what was left of his old costume. The shirt had been shredded off his body except for some tattered bits hanging around his neck, along with a canvas messenger bag that had seen better days. His face and chest bled in a hundred places where sharp shards had pierced his skin, and the fronts of his pants were ripped as well. Blood dribbled out his ears.

“What happened?” Twain asked.

Digger’s eyes half-opened and spotted Twain. “Destroying crystals… not good plan.”

The Ghost roared with laughter, and the crystals chimed and rumbled with him as more rock fell from the weakened ceiling. “No, not a good plan at all!” he gloated. “Their power is mine and mine alone, and I will use it to seize this world by the throat!”

Twain looked to Cole and Bogdan, saw them both lying still on the ground. He struggled to his feet as the chime in his head gave way to the rushing roar of the River, and when he looked down at his arms, he saw the cuts in them closing up as they swelled with power. He grinned crazily at the Ghost. “You haven’t won yet.”

You know what? We’re coming too close to the end for hype. Just check back soon for the next episode!

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