From Partial to Total


So I’ve been on a partial hiatus since before√ā¬†Halloween, maintaining the Super Movie Monday and Out of the Vault features without writing any of the fiction that was supposed to be the whole point of the site. Well, that’s all going to change. Starting, um, a few days ago, actually, I’m on official hiatus for the month of April. No comics, no movies. There may be one more YouTube video, but that’s it for the month.

But never fear, because Hero Go Home will be back in force on or around May 1, with a new look and fresh content, including (I really, really hope) a new novel launching. But this will be different from what you’re used to on this site, and if I can pull together all the ideas I have for it, it could end up being pretty cool. I’ve also made some behind the scenes changes as well, upgrading the hardware and software that go into putting the site together. I hope that the results will justify the effort and expense.

So don’t cry, and keep your eyes open next month, because things are going to get dark.

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