Trailer Time: Metatronic

So I’ve been blocked and preoccupied and sick and what have you, but I promised I’d be back with something new on or about May 1st. It’s not looking like I’ll actually have the first chapter ready and the new graphics fully polished by then, so I’m going to give you this teaser now and set a firm launch date of May 8. The new rotation, therefore, will be: Super Movie Monday on Monday, Out of the Vault on Saturday, and in between, on Wednesday, the new novel: Metatronic.

As I did with Run, Digger, Run!, here’s a movie trailer-style teaser of what’s to come (format totally stolen from Sargon and Naamah of Adventurotica)…



A man and a woman sit across from each other in a coffee shop. The man is ruggedly handsome, in his 40’s, but there is an undefinable coldness about him. The woman is pretty, but severe, in a blue business outfit with short, dirty-blonde hair. He is BARRON, and she is ISOBEL.



So, Mister Barron, what exactly do you do?


Barron holding a pistol, huddled behind a metal cart in what looks like a bank vault. He speaks loudly past the cart he’s sheltering behind.


I speak the language of God, which orders the universe and holds it together. I speak the language of numbers.

 Behind an upturned table, two thugs have also taken cover. They hold submachine guns. The HEAD THUG can barely contain his laughter.


Wait, you mean math? Your superpower is math?!


Barron in the coffee shop.



I work with data.

 Isobel smiles skeptically.


That must be awfully dull. I mean, I’ve read your jacket. Security consultant, special forces operator, combat veteran…


Barron running frantically through a darkened street, lit by random fires. Something rises up before him. We only get a brief glimpse, but it looks vaguely like an angel, humanoid, winged and white with gleaming armor. But there’s something disquieting about its eyeless face. Barron empties his pistol into the thing to no effect.


Barron sipping his coffee.


That was a long time ago.


But stopping that bank robbery wasn’t.


The Head Thug in the bank vault still barely containing his laughter. The thug beside him is smiling also.



What the hell kind of superpower is math?

 A SHOT rings out, followed by the ZINGS of ricochets. The second thug stiffens, and his eyes go wide in shock right before he collapses. The Head Thug looks down at him in confusion.


Well, there’s geometry, for starters.


Barron sets down his cup.


What exactly do you want from me, Miss Crisostomo?

 Isobel shrugs and sets down her cup as well.



To offer you a job. I’m setting up a small elite task force. I obviously can’t tell you the details until you’re read on, but it’s not a super major deal. We should wrap it up in three weeks, max.



A QUICK MONTAGE of action shots:

Barron firing a pistol…

Isobel firing an assault rifle as she charges down a hallway…

Barron fighting another man hand to hand…

A large dump truck crashes through a police barricade…

Barron leaps for cover as something explodes close by…

Masked men in a bank lobby fire machine guns at the ceiling as customers duck for cover…

Barron writes something on the palm of his hand…

Isobel, light shining on her face, looks at something in amazement…

Reverse angle as another angel, smaller and more futuristic-looking than the previous one, turns to look at her, neon lights winking in odd places on his body…

The dump truck from earlier, joined by other trucks, bumps at high speed across a field. A tarp tears away and what looks like angels rise from the back…

Barron continues to write on his palm as we revolve around him, closer…

In a darkened apartment, Barron helps a sexy woman off with her dress. From his point of view, her skin crawls with numbers…

Gleaming winged figures streak across a sky covered with boiling clouds…

A demonic figure that looks as if it’s cut from obsidian lands heavily on the ground, not far from a giant man in medieval Japanese peasant garb. The giant turns and lightning erupts from his mouth…

People on an airplane scream as the craft literally disintegrates around them…

Barron stops writing on his palm and whispers at the figure he has inscribed there. Then he thrusts his hand out and something explodes from it, tearing a steel door off its hinges.

FLASH CUT to black screen and the title…

[imageeffect type=”lightbox” align=”aligncenter” width=”600″ height=”245″ alt=”Metatronic Coming Soon!” url=”” ]

In the coffee shop, Isobel stands up and begins to walk away.



Give me a call when you decide.




Shouldn’t you give me your number?




My card is already in your wallet. I gave it to you the first time we had this conversation, ten minutes ago.


Barron looks confused. Isobel smiles mysteriously.



You’re not the only one who’s different.



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  1. Naamah says:

    GAAAARGH!!! That sounds AWESOME.

    Dude, the graphic looks EXCELLENT. SO all over that.

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