New Video: Batman/Joker: Same Guy?

I have completely let this blog fall to the wayside, but I keep it open as a repository for my old articles and novel chapters. However, I have a new video up which talks about my theory that Batman and the Joker were inspired by the same fictional character.

It’s an expanded and improved version of something I discussed on this blog way back in 2011 in my discussion of the 1926 silent film, The Bat. Wow, I hadn’t realized how long I’ve had this blog.

Anyway, although the point of the piece is to claim the two characters might share a common inspiration, the real headline here is the evidence I show concerning one inspiration for the Joker. It’s something I’ve never seen anyone else mention, although surely I’m not the only person who noticed the parallels.

Maybe no one talks about it because there’s no way to confirm it with the actual creators, since they’re all dead. But I think the similarities are too overwhelming to be purely coincidental. Watch the video. I’ll show you evidence, and you decide.

And if you like it, please share it with a friend. More than any of my other videos, I really want this one to be seen.

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