The Future of Hero Go Home

Okay, here’s the deal. I’m enjoying Hero Go Home myself. And I had hoped that the story and the site would find an audience, but I have about three weeks before I have to pay a little over $200 to renew the domain and the hosting. And to date, I haven’t gotten a single donation.

So on the one hand, though I really like the idea of the site, and think I’ve been doing some interesting things with it, they’re things that have been of interest to me only. And I’m wondering if $200+ is too much to pay to continue what is essentially a vanity site.

Then again, I’ve got plans for the future of the site if it continues. I’m going to be putting ads on the site very soon, and perhaps advertising on other sites as well. And then there’s the crazy plan.

What’s the crazy plan? Well, how does another novel sound? And not another Digger novel (although I have another story planned for after Hero Go Home), but a completely original story set in an unrelated continuity. The absolutely insane plan is, two days of Hero Go Home content (until the current storyline is finished–it’s about halfway done now) a week, plus two days of columns (Out of the Vault and Super Movie Monday), plus another two days of the new novel, a Sam Spade meets Cthulhu/Godzilla story set in the 1930’s. That’s one chapter and one multimedia extra every week for two novels running concurrently, plus two weekly columns.

Now how much would you pay?

But wait, there’s more! Because that’s only six days a week, and there are seven. What would I do with the seventh?

That’s a surprise.

Okay, actually, I don’t have a plan for the seventh day, yet. But if turns into a money-making venue, you can bet I will. So, the terms:

If I get at least one donation before the end of the year, even if it’s only $5, I’ll renew the domain and continue the experiment. If I make enough to cover the $200+ renewal cost (a long shot, I know–that would take over 40 people at $5 a shot), I will launch the new novel on the first Wednesday of the year (January Fifth). And if I get enough to launch the second novel, the biggest donor will get the option to pick what feature will run on the seventh day.

This doesn’t mean I absolutely won’t renew the site if I don’t get any donations–I’m still willing to reconcile with my wife after 2 1/2 years apart, after all, so I’m an easy mark–but a donation, no matter how small, would certainly take out the guesswork, wouldn’t it?

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