Week 4.1 – What’s Your Plan?

Previously: Digger was forced to rob a bank by a mysterious Voice who has further nefarious plans for him. Digger has tracked down Twain, who aided in the set-up,  to try to get to the bottom of things. And now…

“Tell me who he is and where I can find him,” Digger said, “and I’ll try to help you cut a deal with the cops.”

“No way,” Twain said. “Put you on his trail with those things on your arms and a bomb on my chest? Are you crazy? One of you would kill me! Maybe both!”

“It’s not going to work otherwise,” Digger said.

“Yes, it is,” Twain countered. “I have a plan.”

“No.” Digger shook his head. “Your plans always end up with me getting humiliated while you get away with the loot.”

“Yeah, but that’s the point,” Twain said. “Getting away with the loot means my plans work.”

“And the humiliation?”

Twain shrugged. “Bonus points. Besides, isn’t it worth a little humiliation to save that guy’s life?”

Flexo grabbed Digger’s arm. “You can’t be seriously considering this,” he said. “The cops are almost here. Tell them the story, and you can work with them to find the hostage.”

“Won’t work,” Twain said. “I’m your only lead, and I won’t help if you turn me over to the cops.”

“You’d rather go to prison?” Flexo asked.

“I’m not going to prison,” Twain said with a tiny smile. Once again, Digger was struck by Twain’s tone. It was neither defiance nor bravado, but a simple statement of fact, as if he were saying his name or how old he was. Why was he so confident?

“Fine,” Digger said after a moment. “Deal. What do we do?”

“I’ll tell you after we get away from here,” Twain said.

“Too late,” Flexo said, looking off to the side. He nodded. “Cops are here.”

Digger turned and looked in the direction of Flexo’s nod. Sure enough, there were a number of S.W.A.T. officers in body armor spreading out and beginning a cautious approach. He turned back to Flexo. “We’re going. Explain things to the cops.”

“Are you crazy?” Flexo asked. “They’ll charge me as an accessory!”

“No, they won’t.” Digger said. “Just tell them you tried to stop us, but couldn’t. It’s true, you know.”

Flexo considered a moment, then said, “Okay, fine.” Then he leaped forward and punched Digger across the jaw, knocking him down.

Digger rolled to his feet. The S.W.A.T. guys across the mall had dropped into firing crouches, and were advancing by bounds. “What the hell was that for?”

Flexo shrugged. “Had to make it look convincing. You know, now that I think of it, I should probably make it look a little more convincing than that.”

He aimed a kick at Digger’s jaw, but Digger was prepared this time. He blocked it and lunged forward with a kick of his own. Flexo’s rubbery body added extra distance to the kick. The S.W.A.T. guys shouted for Digger to freeze, and one fired a canister of tear gas that landed nearby. Digger didn’t mind; the spreading white cloud would disguise Digger’s action, aiding their getaway. He turned to Twain. “Time to go.”

Then he grabbed Twain and threw him.

What will happen next? Be here tomorrow for the next exciting episode of Run, Digger, Run!

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