Week 4.2 – What’s Your Plan?

Previously: Digger has agreed to accept Twain’s help when the police arrive. So Digger picks up Twain and throws him. Huh? And now…

Twain sailed through the air and smashed through a second floor window. Digger followed less than a second later, but swung up and stuck to the ceiling to avoid landing on his new partner. They were in someone’s office.

“Ahh, damn it!” Twain yelled, holding a hand to his head. His face and hands bore cuts from broken glass, and blood streamed out from under his hand. Blood spattered the desk and floor.

“Sorry,” Digger said above the sounds of gunfire from the mall below. He dropped lightly to the floor. “You should probably switch to your other clothes until we get you someplace you can clean up.”

“You think?” Twain asked. He blurred momentarily, and suddenly the sweaty suit was gone, replaced by baggy jeans and a hoodie. Twain pulled his hand away from his forehead; both the cuts and the blood were gone, except for the bit that had dripped. “Was that really necessary?”

“No,” Digger admitted. “Think of it as bonus points. Let’s go.”

“I should have taken my chances with the police,” Twain said.

“You still can,” Digger said. When Twain just shook his head, Digger added, “What’s your plan?”

Twain shrugged. “Ditch the man, then get to my van.”

“Did you mean for that to rhyme?”

“You rhymed,” said Twain. “I was just trying to keep up.”

Digger shook his head and stepped out into the hallway. He ran into a tall woman just about to step into the room, probably the office’s owner. She looked down at him, momentarily confused. “What are you…?” she started to ask.

Twain shoved past them both, dressed in his suit and clutching his bleeding head wound, while also coincidentally covering his face. “Maniac just crashed in through the window,” he groaned. He stumbled off down the hall. “Call security.”

Digger pushed past the confused woman and caught up to Twain around the corner by the stairs. Twain was once again in his hoodie. “Pretty convincing, huh?”

“Get in here,” Digger said and shoved him into the stairwell.

Twain pulled his hood up over his head. “I’m thinking we should probably split up.”

“No way,” Digger said. “You’d just disappear again.”

“How am I going to disappear? You know both my outfits,” Twain said. “I can slip by the police on the street. They’re looking for Digger with a man in a suit. I’m not on their radar. But I can’t keep up with you, and I’m not letting you throw me or carry me. I only have two heads, and you’re not cutting up this one.”

“How do I know you won’t tell me to meet you in one place, then go the other direction?” Digger asked.

“Do you remember Roswell?” Twain asked. “When you helped me steal the mask of El Coco?”

“Was that what it was called?” Digger asked. “Goofy name. And I didn’t help you steal it. You tricked me.”

“Potayto, potahto,” Twain said. “The point is, I need the same kind of help now.”

What kind of help does Twain need? Join us tomorrow for the next exciting episode!

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