Week 4.4 – What’s Your Plan?

Previously: Digger and Twain are making their getaway from the police in Twain’s van. And now…

“So where are we going?” Digger asked once they were inside the van and driving. Although it looked like a 70’s seduction machine on the outside, the van’s interior was anything but romantic. The seat were plush and comfortable, but the back was lined with cabinets and wardrobes.

“Actually, I was going to ask you that,” Twain said. “Where did you drop off the money from the bank robbery?”

“Why do you want to know?” Digger asked.

“Because I want to put a tracker in with the money,” Twain said.

“Are you crazy?” Digger asked. “There’s no place to hide one, except the phone, and he’ll probably be getting rid of that.”

“It doesn’t go in the phone,” said Twain. “It goes in the money.”


“It’s flat, same size as a dollar bill,” said Twain. “And it’s passive. That big flat surface is like an antenna, and as long as it’s within range of a cell tower, I can ping it. But until I do, it’s inert, so a bug sweeper won’t detect it. They can only detect it if they pull it out and look at it.”

“Which they’ll do when they count the money,” Digger said.

“There are bundles in there, aren’t they?” Twain asked. “Banded bundles?”

Digger nodded.

Twain pulled to a stop at a red light. He stared at the light as he spoke. “That means the bank already counted it with a machine. No need for them to count it again, just launder it And you might want to keep your face covered. There are cameras at all these stoplights.”

“Right,” Digger said. He pulled up his hood. “But what good does it do us to track the money if they give it away? Besides, I thought you already knew who was behind this.”

“I know who, I don’t know where or why,” Twain said. “But if I set my system to ping the money every ten minutes or so, I can track the money’s movements–where it goes, how long it stays in any one place. And the places where it stays are places that will give us clues. So where is it?”

Digger told him the address, and a few minutes later, they were pulling up to the abandoned station. Twain turned and opened a cabinet that looked like it was designed to hold small parts. He pulled out something flat and green that looked something like a twenty dollar bill, only more rigid and with a faint plastic sheen. “Wait here,” Twain said. “This won’t take long.”

“Money’s in the dumpster out back,” Digger said.

Digger watched  as Twain disappeared around the back of the building. He reappeared less than a minute later, looking unhappy. He got in the van and tossed the tracker on the dash. “They moved fast,” he said. “Money’s already gone.”

“So what now?” Digger asked. “Go to the police?”

“Course not,” Twain said. “This was just a back-up plan, anyway. Now we do the real plan.”

What is the real plan? Be here tomorrow for the next exciting episode!

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