Week 4.5 – What’s Your Plan?

Previously: Digger and Twain have escaped the police in Twain’s van. Twain has a plan that involves sticking it to the man, or maybe something else that rhymes. Meanwhile…

“No, Digger does not present a danger to the public,” Flexo said. Across from him in the interrogation room sat two detectives, Grayson and Merrick. Who knew how many people were watching behind the mirror. “If anything, the public is safer now than before he robbed the bank.”

“And what do you base that on?” Merrick asked.

“He can’t use his Drillers,” Flexo said.

“Why can’t he?”

“Because there’s this hostage with a bomb collar around his neck that will go off if Digger uses his Drillers,” Flexo said. “It’s the reason he robbed the bank.”

“You mean it’s the excuse he gave for robbing the bank,” Grayson corrected.

“He wasn’t lying,” Flexo said.

“Are you sure?”

“Pretty sure,” Flexo confirmed.

“Based on what?” Grayson asked.

“Based on the fact that he didn’t use them while he was fighting me,” Flexo said.

“Because you were that much of a challenge,” Grayson said.

Flexo had to admit, Grayson had a point. he hadn’t presented Digger much of a challenge. “If he could’ve used them, he would have,” Flexo said.

Merrick shrugged. “Well, ultimately, it doesn’t really matter what you think his reasons might have been,” he said. “But we would sure appreciate it if you would listen to this recording and tell us if this is Digger’s voice.”

“Sure,” Flexo said.

Merrick pulled a digital voice recorder from his jacket, pressed the play button, and set it on the table. A tinny voice sounded from the player’s tiny speaker.

“Nine-one-one, what is your emergency?”

“I’m on my way to rob a bank.”

“Excuse me? Did you say you were going to rob a bank?”

“MCP National downtown. I’ll be there in about 20 minutes, give or take. Send cops.”

“Wait, you’re telling me ahead of time that you’re going to rob a bank?”

“I have no choice. There’s this hostage, see…”

A click and a pause, then…

“Sorry, I can’t talk any more.”

“Did you say you’re holding hostages in the bank?”

“No, I’m… Long story. Look, just send cops, okay? This sucks.”

Merrick stopped the recording. “Well?”

Flexo was thoughtful. “Yeah, that was him all right. Damn, he was serious.”

“Serious about what?” Grayson asked.

“Huh? Oh, he, uh, used the code.”

“What code?” Merrick asked.

“This sucks,” Flexo said. “”It’s a code phrase he uses.”

“Code for what?”

“Uh, hard to say,” Flexo said. “But it was basically, civilians are in danger, so let’s pretend to retreat or give up or whatever until the civilians are clear, and then we’ll kick some ass.”

“So you think this code confirms his story about the hostage?” Merrick asked.

“Yeah,” Flexo said. “I feel kind of sorry for the guy doing this. Because although he may think he’s got Digger completely dominated, every word out of Digger’s mouth comes with an asterisk that says, ‘And then I’m going to kick your ass.’”

“Sounds like everything he says is about ass kicking,” Grayson joked.

Flexo spread his hands. “He’s not a complicated guy.”

What is Twain’s plan? What other surprises does his van contain? Whose ass will Digger kick? Be here next week for another exciting chapter, plus a special Halloween surprise!

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