Week 6.3 – Frog Boy

Previously: Digger was telling the story of Frog Boy, the most annoying villain he ever fought. And now…

“Do I even want to know?” Twain asked.

“Not a big deal,” Digger said. “Serial killer named Clockwise, used wind-up robots to murder people. And at every scene, they’d find an old recording of this song playing. Melody’s a straight-up rip of Buffalo Gals. I heard it too many times. Way too many. Sorry, where was I?”

“Dungeons and Dragons sheet music,” Twain said.

“It wasn’t… Never mind. Anyway, I figure out that the frog mask apparently isn’t just a random thing he threw over his face, because he can really jump. I’m not just going to circumvent this guy, so Plan B.” Digger pounded his left fist into his right palm. “Kick his ass.”

“Where you found out that leg strength is not just good for jumping,” Twain said.

“Oh, that’s not even the weird part,” Digger said. “I step up and start throwing punches at this guy…”

“You didn’t blast him?”

“I don’t generally blast people on first meeting unless I’m sure they can take it,” Digger said. “Or unless they’re threatening people or something.”

“Cause you’re noble like that,” Twain said.

“No, because I’m…” Digger hesitated, rethinking. “No, screw it, let’s go with noble. But the point is, this guy was a good fighter. I mean, really good. ‘Like I couldn’t lay a glove on him’ good.”

“And that’s unusual?”

“It’s practically impossible,” Digger said. “Lots of guys can beat me in a fight, but I can always get in a few good shots of my own. Between the speed of my reflexes and my enhanced senses, you’re not going to make me miss for long.

“But this guy… It’s like he was psychic, reading my mind to see when I would attack and from what direction, or maybe he had some kind of short-term precognition, so he could see what I was about to do and counter it.”

Twain shook his head. “And you’re sure he wasn’t just that much better than you.”

“Pretty sure,” Digger said. “I’ve replayed that fight dozens of times in my mind, hundreds, trying to figure out how I could have gotten in another shot at him, but the more I think about it, the more it seems like he just knew what I was going to do before I did it.”

“What do you mean, another shot?”


“You said you wanted to get in another shot at him,” Twain said.

“Well, I did hit him once,” Digger said. “He got distracted by something, and while he was looking off the side, I clocked him a good backhand across the jaw with the metal Driller. He felt it, that’s for sure. But then I got cocky and thought I had the upper hand, and the next thing I knew, I was sliding facefirst across the floor. And by then, I’d about had it. I decided to finish this thing, once and for all.”

“What did you do?” Twain asked.

“What do you think I did? I fired up the Drillers.”

Will Digger prevail? Find out in the next exciting episode!

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