Week 6.4 – Frog Boy

Previously: Digger was telling the story of Frog Boy, the most annoying villain he ever fought. And now…

“You used your Drillers in the middle of a flea market?” Twain asked disbelievingly.

“I didn’t say I used them. I said I fired them up,” Digger said. “I was mad and I was new.”

“You’re saying you wouldn’t use them now?” Twain asked. “Because I thought I heard about you getting into a fight and blowing up a mall last year.”

“It was just the food court,” Digger said. “And yeah, I did that, but not because I was too frustrated to think of anything else.”

“That’s comforting.”

“Didn’t matter, anyway, because as soon as the Drillers powered up, he stepped in and deflected my arm up. The flea market was in this huge metal building. The blast made a lot of noise, but the force dissipated quickly enough that the roof barely rattled. Broke a lot of glass around us, though.

“I tried to hit him with my other hand, but he deflected that, too. Then he hit me about eight times in a second and kicked me hard in the chest. Knocked me back into a table full of wire jewelry. And then out of nowhere, he calls me a douchebag.”

Twain laughed.

“That’s not funny,” Digger said. “I’d never even met this guy. Why’d he have to go and make it personal?”

“You have to know you,” Twain said.

“I know me,” Digger said. “I’m not that bad.”

“Keep telling yourself that. So what happened then?”

“Well, I glanced toward the door, but the guy I was tailing was long gone. So I turned back to Frog Boy, but he was gone, too. I heard running footsteps and a shout, so I ran that way. And down the aisles I see this guy on the ground, and there’s someone standing over him.”

“Frog Boy,” Twain said.

“No, it was some guy on a skateboard. He’s all splattered with mud or something, with his hair hanging down in his face. He looks at me all panicked for a second, then he grabs something off the ground and skates away. And the guy gets up and says, ‘He took my necklace!’”

“Wait, what happened to Frog Boy?” Twain asked.

“I asked the guy that, and he tells me Frog Boy just disappeared. Like he could teleport or something. Kinda superfluous when you can jump like a frog, but I guess we don’t pick the powers. The powers pick us,” Digger said.

“And that’s the most annoying guy you ever fought?” Twain asked skeptically. “I’m not seeing it. I was way more annoying than that. There’s something you’re not telling me.”

“Not really,” Digger said. “You just had to be there. The way I couldn’t lay a glove on him, no matter what I tried, and the way he called me a douchebag, when I hadn’t done a thing to him. Plus there’s the whole thing with the guy I was tailing.”

“Yeah, I guess he ruined that for you,” Twain said.

“No, that’s just it,” Digger said. “He didn’t.”

What could Digger mean? Find out tomorrow in our next exciting episode!

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