Week 6.5 – Frog Boy

Previously: On the trip to New York, Digger was describing his encounter with Frog Boy, the most annoying villain he ever met. And now…

“What do you mean?” Twain asked.

“There was no drop at the flea market,” Digger said. “He was just wasting time until time for the meet. I caught him red-handed later and made it another step up the food chain toward the big boss. But I wouldn’t have if Frog Boy hadn’t stopped me from nabbing the guy right there. It still burns that the only reason I succeeded that day was because I lost a fight to some asshole in a frog mask.”

“Well, maybe once we’ve cleaned up this mess, you should try to find him and get some payback,” Twain said. “You know guys who could track him down, don’t you?”

Digger shook his head. “A couple, maybe. But even if they could, it’s not worth it. I’ve moved on. I won’t ever be seeing that guy again.”


“Thanks for coming in again, Mister Thompson,” said Detective Merrick as he led Flexo into the interrogation room the next day.



“My name,” Flexo said. “It’s Kosmatka. Thompson’s just a stage name, so to speak. And I thought we had already covered everything pretty thoroughly yesterday.”

“Yes, if you want to call that ridiculous story you told ‘covering everything thoroughly,’” said Detective Grayson, who had been waiting in the room.

“Are you trying to pin something on me?” Flexo asked.

“No,” said Merrick. “After all, the way Hero Shield is written, it would be hard to convict you on abetting. No, we’re just here because something new has come up, and we wanted to see if you could help us understand it.”


Grayson leaned forward. “When you were talking to Digger yesterday, did he mention anything about shendu guots?”

“I’m sorry, shendu whats?”

“Shendu guots. It’s some kind of miracle fruit juice from China,” said Merrick. “You remember how pomegranate juice was all the rage a few years ago? And before that, it was acai, and before that, it was noni juice? Well, this shendu guots is supposedly the next big thing. Makes old men young, makes young men strong, heals wounds, restores mental sharpness, erases wrinkles. It’s like a steroid on steroids.”

“Never heard of it,” Flexo said.

“You’re sure Digger never mentioned it?”

“I would have remembered what’s it gots,” Flexo said. “”Why are you asking?”

“Because this stuff is extremely rare,” said Grayson. “Illegal to export from China, as a matter of fact. But the Organic Chemistry lab at the university happened to come across a few liters somehow, until someone stole them yesterday. Broke in just minutes after police were dispatched to the bank for Digger’s robbery.”

“You think the two are related?” Flexo asked.

“Let’s say the timing is suspicious,” Grayson said.


“Hey, I’m getting thirsty. You want to stop somewhere and grab a soda, or should I get something out of the cooler there?” Digger said, pointing at a large cooler behind Twain’s seat.

Twain smiled, but shook his head. “What’s in there is not for drinking. Not yet, anyway.”

What will happen when Digger and Twain reach New York? Find out next week when we continue Run, Digger, Run!

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